Hey guys,

It's finally time to sell my trusty Niche Zero since upgrading to a 64mm flat burr. I've owned this grinder from new since November 2019 and it still looks and acts as it did back then. I stopped using it a couple months back as I was experimenting with the flat burr and I have since preferred the cups from the flat (mostly pour over).

Although I've had it a couple years, I'm not a caffeine addict so the grinder hasn't seen too too much use. I tend to make a single pour over / aeropress in the morning and a latte on the weekends. I've also swapped grinders around every now and again experiment with so the Niche hasn't been used completely every day as well (although in the end I kept going back to the Niche). I reckon it's probably only had around 15-20kg of beans through it. I've regularly cleaned the burrs, which are in great condition and I have looked after the grinder - as the photos show.

It comes with the NFC disc, although I'd heavily recommend not using one. If anyone wants more information why this is I'm happy to share my findings!

I'm happy to post as long as postage is paid for and collection is also welcome from Nottinghamshire.

If you have any more questions please let me know below.