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Hi all,

This is my first post - I'm a medium time lurker and frequenter of the espresso subreddit though. If I've done something against etiquette please let me know :)

Basically, I'm thinking of selling my Gaggia Classic. It's in full working order but could do with some optimisations/upgrades/future proofing; I've just been way more into filter coffee for the past 6 months and can't see that changing. I've seen the other valuation posts but mine is a little bit of an oddity. It's a 2000 model with the old espresso machine badge on the front. The previous owner to me didn't take amazing care of the machine so there was some rusting. To give it some flair and protect against the rust I had it powder coated (which does sadly cover up the factory sticker which was on the bottom - I might be able to dig out a picture of it for proof of antiquity...)

On the note of the previous owner not treating it kindly, there was a lot of scale when I bought it (~3 years ago). I've kept it in better nick and use diy water at 140ppm, but there may well be some lingering damage, it's hard for me to say. The pump is probably on the way out as this is the loudest pump I have ever heard in my life. It does however work fine.

It does not have a PID fitted - never got round to that.

  • adjusted to 9 bar
  • silvia wand
  • brass dispersion plate (modified - I widened the holes to see if I could disperse the pressure more evenly. It's the 4 hole version which doesn't have an optimal pressure profile)
  • IMS shower screen
  • Bottomless filter, walnut handle.
  • IMS 18-22 basket
  • Motta 58.4mm tamper
  • Blind basket

Picture attached, excuse the grubbiness.

So, any ideas what I should be asking...?
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