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Just a quick message to Say Hi!

Am a Newbie here, looking to engage with everyone and learn about the transition into a "prosumer" machine.

I have worked my way "up" from a nespresso, Delonghi ECAM 370+, SageBES875UK and now would like to take the step to a "true coffee experience".

I think I am ready to buy a grinder and espresso machine and am waiting for the right deal to pop up. I have a sub £1000 budget and hoping to wait for the right deal to pop up to hopefully get both.

From what I have been reading/ research I think I have narrowed it down to the below grinders (they say buy once and buy correct?) :)
  • Baratza Sette 270/ Wi
  • Iberital MC2 Coffee Grinder
  • Nemox Lux
  • Sage Smart Grinder Pro
  • Eureka Mignon Specialita / Oro
  • Niche Zero

With regards to the Espresso Machines, I think I like the convenience of a single/dual boiler machine compared to a h/e. I will probably be making 4-6 coffee's daily with up to 8/10 on weekends when I may have family/friends over. I know you can use switches to aid heat up time however I'd like to know I can make coffee within 5mins of turning the machine on.

Factors important to me:

  • Time to make/ ease of use
  • Temperature control (I do like my coffee hot compared to others)
  • Ability to steam milk efficiently/function easily for a "newbie"(would like to get into latte art)
  • Relatively compact
  • Inbuilt water tank

Thanks in advance and looking forward to discussions and any advice!

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depends on your budget but if you can get to a bianca and a niche you're set for life, bianca is warm in around 20 mins, you will struggle wit a 5 min warm up on most machines
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