I have recently treated myself to a long awaited Bianca so unfortunately this needs to be on its way. It has served me really well over the past few years and have found it to be a good entry into dual boiler machines - easy to use and to open up and play with if that is your inclination.

Asking £625 and happy to meet anywhere within 1hr drive of Clapham, London. I have the original polystyrene packaging (would need a new box if shipped as the one I have used to transport it between house moves is repurposed doesnt fit perfectly) and could theoretically ship but I would really REALLY rather not run that risk if it can possibly be avoided.

Bought: Second hand in 2017, barely used and shelved by someone who had received it as a present, judging by condition at the time and the fact it was still in its plastic I don't imagine it was used more than a handful of times.

Usage: Has made ~2 shots per day since, only being fed with initially Ashbeck water followed by a third wave water recipe made espresso machine friendly.

I have opened it up a couple of times recently to give it a proper service and replaced a few parts where needed. The following have all been done in the past couple of months (most last week):

  • Fully descaled with citric acid and re-fitted all steam and coffee boiler connections with new thread tape to seal. Prior to sale I have descaled again and drained both boilers
  • Replacement steam boiler pressure relief valve with better model
  • Replacement coffee boiler thermostat
  • Replaced the stock boiler insulation with slightly thicker stuff and re-wrapped as the original insulation was beginning to wear (and was a bit rubbish from the get go)
  • New E61 shower screen
  • New group gasket
  • Replaced stock steam tip with 3 hole tip (have also slightly increased steam pressure from stock so it sits at around 1.4-1.5 bar

Cosmetics: There are a couple of scratches on the e61 and a slight hue where i got carried away polishing it one time (I have tried to capture this on camera. It isn't particularly noticeable unless you are looking for it but I can definitely tell it is there), a few other scratches on the body that again I have tried to photograph all of, and the lettering on the drip tray is a little bit worn.

All of the above is fairly standard wear and tear and obviously no impact on performance but I have tried to show all imperfections on pictures

Comes with:
  • Single basket (pressurised)
  • Single basket (non-pressurised)
  • Double basket (non-pressurised)
  • Triple basket (non-pressurised)
  • Blind backflushing basket
  • Double spout portafilter
  • Bottomless portafilter (plus spare wooden handle)
  • Tamping station
  • Espro calibrated tamper for an extra £40 if you want it
  • Distribution tool/tamper for an extra tenner if you want it

All photos are here: Brewtus Espresso Machine

Any other questions please ask away.