Postage is £3 with myhermes for my convenience, so total cost is £13 via bank transfer.

I have 3 chutes for sale, which are a variation on the chute listed below.

These fit basically flush with the faceplate unlike the original chute in the thread above where the end protrudes and houses magnets (no magnets in the chutes I'm selling).

They are SLA printed in LEDO 6060 natural white resin. They are part of a bulk 3d print order I made, I did not print these myself so order at your own risk as I won't accept returns. I've checked them all by eye and they look identical. I have one of the batch fitted to my own DF64 and I have to say, it is fantastic! I was having an awful time and having to excessively RDT and still losing coffee to the insides of the grinder but with this chute the retention is basically non-existent and all with no RDT, the designer deserves a medal!

Any questions, ask here.