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I've recently sourced a 2014 Gaggia Classic. I've done all of the normal refurbishing and the small upgrades. Now I'm interested in adding a PID to help with shot flavor consistency. What began as a very simple project of assembling my own PID kit has become something more. I've only completed the planning phase and I believe I have created a good design. Some parts have been purchased with more on the way. I've decided that I don't want to make any permanent case modifications. Since it doesn't bother me to remove the tank from the bottom to fill it, I've designed a box to sit on top of the back plastic part would be. This part would be removed and the box screwed in its place. The box will have a bottom cut-out for a 12 pin Molex connection. This connector will be pointed downward to make all of the connections in the machine. I haven't tested any of this yet and it may not work at all. The majority of the wiring design came from another dual SSR PID document I found featuring a wiring design by GatesofDawn67. I would really appreciate any feedback about my additions. Other than the dual SSR PID part, I've added the following:

Triggerable Timer Relay for automatically starting the timer and/or auto pump start/stop
Pump Power Control Triac Dimmer with bypass switch to vary pump power
Tank light powered by LED driver dimmed by PWM control


All mods but the pressure gauge installed. Waiting for the group head adapter from Shades.

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