Hi, I have an ACS Minima bought from Bella Barista in 2019 and used daily since then. It has developed an intermittent fault where the service boiler overfills, leading to 'wet' steam. This seems to be a relatively common fault with these machines, described in these threads from other forums



The machine is out of warranty with BB, but they've been great in offering advice and support. To date, I've replaced the solenoid which feeds the service boiler, but this hasn't resolved the fault entirely.

Always used filtered water and has been descaled regularly. When the fault occurs, some water has to be let out of the boiler through the hot water tap to allow proper pressure to build up.

Given this fault exists and I don't have the time, patience or capability to troubleshoot it further, I'd like to sell the machine as faulty. I think anyone who is experienced at working with machines could resolve it fairly quickly. Hopefully someone is interested in picking it up as a project. It's a great machine - produces lovely espresso and powerful milk steaming. Plenty of reviews/opinions of it online. It comes with original baskets, both 2 and 3-hole steam tips and a spare groupset gasket.

Looking for £500 but open to offers. A couple of photos attached but let me know if you want to see more or have any specific questions.

I'd prefer not to courier if possible. I'm in Skipton, North Yorkshire and regularly drive to Nottingham and Warwick with work. I'd rather deliver/meet within a vicinity of those places or anywhere in between.