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  1. Show Off Your Setup
    Hello everyone. Just building up a nice little set-up at home. Bits still arriving, so not yet complete, but posted my first video on my YouTube channel. Yikes!! Will be doing a lot of unboxing videos, first use, and a lot of latte art videos, milk steaming etc (for those that are keen)...
  2. Videos
    Hi! I started this topic to share short, fun broll videos about coffee. Let me start by sharing my first Aeropress broll video. Enjoy!
  3. Videos
    Hello and welcome to my first video! I finally made it! This is the unboxing of the subscription package from La Cabra Coffee Roasters. I will share my first impressions of these unique coffees and of course brewing them with you. I was really surprised by what I found inside the box! This...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Has anyone a favourite YouTube clip of a shot being pulled? I love some of the ones using Londinium machines, but do you have a personal fav? I'd say this is my fav - + do you have a video of yourself pulling a shot? cheers steve
  5. New Members Section
    Hey guys! I'm not really new here, but it's been so damn long since I posted here that I may as well be! My name's Seamus (or Chris, I go by both), and I've been a barista since '07. I've meandered through the industry up here in the North and have found myself helping to set up, and now to...
  6. Fracino Forum
    Did you know that Fracino turns 50 this year?
  7. Find a Coffeeshop
    Coming soon in Las Vegas - Caffe Lounge & Espresso Bar. See renderings at YouTube -Sambalatte More...
  8. Coffee Lounge
    When you work in the industry it's easy to take all things coffee too seriously. However these youtube comedy coffee clips definately lightens things up :-)
  9. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    I've been trawling YouTube lately looking for a few how to (and how not to) videos for use in an upcoming project. Have you videoed yourself extracting a great shot, or your entire routine? I'd be interested in hosting videos here if you'd be happy to share them. Do you have any links to...
1-9 of 10 Results