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  1. Sage Forum
    Hi im new to coffee and am still getting to grips with my BY, I seem to have the grind and dose about right however my coffee puck keeps getting stuck to the shower head ? any tips ops what might be wrong ? thanx
  2. Rancilio Forum
    With my last report (A Long and Rambling Introduction) I was having trouble removing the head gasket. I bought an awl of some kind that was recommended on a video, and that did it. I am making pretty good espresso with my Rancilio Silvia but occasionally it doesn't taste right. I bought a...
  3. Gaggia Forum
    Hi, I'm a complete newbie - I have a gaggia classic with a PID fitted (just purchased second hand) and I'm using a sage smart grinder. The extraction time is set to 25 seconds on the PID. I've got the grinder set to '9' for the fineness of the grind. I can grind finer if necessary. I'm getting...
  4. Rocket Forum
    Hi All I have a questions concerning water on top of the puck following extraction. I find regardless of dose and with any reasonable grind, that after extraction there is always a small puddle of water on the puck. There isn't a noticeable effect on the shot but I don't think that water...
  5. Gaggia Forum
    Hi all (again) I'm sorry if I keep asking but when I research previous threads, I can't find the exact answer I'm after. I've got three new issues that I'd like a little help with.. The first is that my tamper is rubbish. I want a new one and was gonna go for the simple madebyknock tamper...
  6. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Is there any significance to whether your puck should look dry after extraction - sometimes my puck has a pool of liquid on top of it when I remove the portofilter - is this an indication of wrong grind or coffee quantity for the basic? Thanks,
  7. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Woohoo! Think I've finally nailed my really wet puck syndrome! Motta tamper arrived in the post this morning... Works a treat! Basically it was all down to my technique and dosage. Dosage is now up to about 19/20g and no dry puck whatsoever. Examined the puck afterwards and was nicely...
  8. Gaggia Forum
    Hi all - keen newbie here. Got my Gaggia Classic and MDF grinder from ebay recently (4-5 year old but not used much) and spent the last week stripping, cleaning, backflushing, calibrating, replacing group gasket, PF basket, shower screen etc. after reading great advice on forums like this one...
  9. Gaggia Forum
    Hi everyone. Just the other day I recived a gaggia platinum vision in the mail. I does make pretty decient coffe. One thing I noticed though is that the puck is comming out pretty wet. Is this due to me doing something wrong?
  10. Gaggia Forum
    I read somewhere that when you have pulled a shot, coffee grinds should be a bit like a wafer, but mine are all wet not at all dry, is this important ?
1-10 of 10 Results