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  1. Coffee Accessories
    I'm enjoying the benefits of having a 3D printer, one of which is I can use it for coffee related accessories. Over the past few days I've been printing enclosures for PID and speed controllers, and wired them in, and prior to that I have printed a WDT, a low profile extended drip tray and a...
  2. Sold
    For sale is my 58.5mm NCD (Formally OCD) - purchased from CoffeeHit on 23rd March (£139.99) Comes in original packaging as new condition - used approx 10 times. A change in my workflow has left this item surplus to requirements. £100 delivered in UK Many Thanks Andy
    £100 GBP
  3. Sold
    Selling my norvin funnel. In great condition and perfect for the task as you all know, and makes a massive difference to puck prep and shot quality 30mm and fits 58mm portafilter. £20 posted to UK
  4. Niche Zero
    OK I keep fidgeting when i transfer the coffee into the PF from the cup, and sometimes we have the Alps, other times the Cotswolds but never close to flat.... I saw the little home made whisks and thought yes, that's what i need, i can make one of them and give it a little whisk before tamping...
  5. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Hello, PRAT gods. I would like to get into PRATting, as I can see the science behind this being beneficial (I'm currently using WDT) - only one thing that stops me basically, which is something to grind into. I'm using an EK, and ideally would like something I could clip in to grind into...
  6. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    OK I've spent a long time working on this, and I haven't got it completely solved, so it's time to ask for help. I'm pretty sure I must be doing something wrong, so I've tried to describe my technique as well as I can. I'm using a Cremina 2003 (49mm baskets) and a Rosco Mini hand grinder. On...
  7. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Heya Guys, I thought I'd get clarification on a few points with regards to good WDT methods. After reading the above link I am confused on how one can measure the beans, perform WDT, and when levelling off, get rid of so many grinds! When using this method at...
  8. Videos
    Quick video on how to distribute your grinds into the basket of your choice. Not to be taken as gospel but an insight none the less
  9. Coffee Accessories
    Hello Guys, Over the past few months I've been using some ridiculously patriotic Tesco cups cut at the bottom, for my WDT method. The problem is, that the bottom rim sits on the base of the basket, therefore, it affects the quality of my distribution. I cant seem to find the perfect sized...
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Hey all, I came across this video when I was looking on YouTube for Duetto videos. I'm sure the coffee tastes lovely, but is this taking distribution a little too far? I definitely couldn't see myself doing that every day, and you would never see anyone at the WBC doing anything like that, so...
  11. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    I'm still getting used to my Gaggia Classic, but I wanted to hear some people's thoughts on dosing and distributing. The barista technique books I have read have advocated overdosing the basket, then using either a finger-sweep (NSEW) to distribute and remove excess or stockfleth move (using a...
  12. Coffee Accessories
    Just ordered myself a Rocky from Has Bean. I know that I have gone for this for all the wrong reasons - for heavens sake it's not even stepless. I have been tempted by both the Eureka Mignon and the Mahlkönig Vario along the way and I am sure that they are better machines. But... I do love the...
1-12 of 13 Results