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  1. Sold
    All new in original packaging. I just never got round to using them. Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Drip Brewer 155 Kalita 100 Wave Filters 155 White Kalita Glass Server - 300ml £40 inc P&P
  2. Sold
    Kalita Wave 185 for sale in Stainless Steel, with matching glass server and a heap of filters that will keep you going! (Around 100 white,and some natural too) Never used so much and only in the house, so perfect condition. Fully boxed. Collection is preferred from SE London area, or delivery...
  3. Brewed Coffee
    I'm looking at getting a Kalita Wave (185 size) to be able to brew a larger amount of coffee at the weekends rather than making multiple Aeropress brews. Is it better to get the Style Set or to buy the Kalita 500ml Glass Server with a stainless steel dripper? There's not much difference in...
  4. Brewed Coffee
    You don't see much mention of the Kalita wave round these here parts. I'm canvassing opinion as I'm getting itchy for a new brew method to try and get my head round, fail, then resort back to aeropress. I definitely want a CCD, but I'm trying to hold out till the new versions hit these shores...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    All seems fine and dandy and just had the best cup of HasBean's Costa Rica Zarcero Honey Process from my Wave that I've had so far. It's not a coffee I'm particularly knocked out by (it was an In My Mug subscription coffee) but this was a very nice cup. It does look like it's producing a more...
  6. Commercial | Special Offers
    Well, as stressful and worrying as this may be, here we go. I've started my first blog. My aim is to help the barista community, one which I feel has grown nationally, but which can grow further if we help it. Certainly up North I find that being a barista is seen as a stopgap, even by the...
1-6 of 6 Results