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  1. Sold
    Hi there, I've recently purchased Gaggia classic pro and extremely not satisfied with stock baskets. Does anyone have a spare for sale? In case you have other accessories please do let me know. Thanks
    £10 GBP
  2. Wanted
    Once the Lagom P-64 arrives I'm planning on getting more analytical about my espresso. So I am looking for a used refractometer. VST or Atago? I'm open to both but preference is for a VST. So if yours is gathering dust, why not sell it on to a loving home?
  3. Coffee Accessories
    So thinking of Xmas, I was considering adding a few coffee items to my list as A: I'm using the machine daily still, B: i can dictate he item and the price allocation (otherwise MIL insists on buying random crap and this year will be worse than usual) Was going to get the other half a rave...
  4. Wanted
    Hi All I'm after a 15g and 18g Ridgeless basket to fit a Gaggia Classic. Please let me know if you've got any lurking in the cupboard that you think you can let go. Thanks Colin
  5. Sold
    Pictures on demand but hardly used basket, with the original box. Looking for £17.50 delivered.
  6. Wanted
    Hi All I'm looking for a good tamper for VST / IMS baskets, I believe that they are something like 58.4 or 58.5mm. Whats out there please.
  7. Wanted
    Hi All I'm looking for good condition 15g and 18g Baskets for Gaggia Classic portafilter; if anybody has one they want to get rid off. Let me know whats out there please
  8. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    So I recently decided to give VST baskets another go, I had one initially for a short period with my old machine but after reading through someone's findings on here comparing VST to IMS I decided to order myself an 18g ridgeless and give it a shot I don't have the most refined palate, but the...
  9. Sold
    In excellent condition, £15 posted RM 2nd class.
  10. Coffee Accessories
    I decided to take the plunge and invest in a 15g VST Ridgeless. My current 18g VST is great but wanted a slightly smaller yield to suit my palette. The first shot was a bit too fast even though I had made the grind finer and along with a dose of 15.3g - ending with 29g in 22s Second - 15.5g...
  11. Sold
    Looking for a 15gm ridgless. Used or new. The 20 is used.
  12. Gaggia Forum
    Hi All, I was after some advice if I may. I'm running a Gaggia Classic (Rancilio wand and OPV mod) and Mazzer Super Jolly (had it for about a year). I make 2-4 drinks on a weekend day, usually cappuccino / cortado and the odd mid week drink. Would upgrading to an IMS or VST basket make a...
  13. Introductions
    Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago...
  14. Sold
    As per title - up for grabs is my VST 15g ridged basket. Comes with all original packaging and documentation. Condition is as new, only used twice. Will also be advertising this elsewhere. £20 posted (UK).
  15. Gaggia Forum
    Good day all. I'm thinking a new basket is in order as the one I have with my Classic is the original and now 12 years old so I'm sure it has seen better days. It will be a double basket to hold between 16-18grams if possible. From my basic understanding am I right thinking that a VMS basket is...
  16. Coffee Accessories
    Continuing the quest for better coffee, i'm interested in a stainless steel portafilter for my Synchronika, or E61 group heads. Reasons are: - Deeper VST baskets (22g+) - Easier to clean and maintain - Not worrying about chrome plating, teflon coatings, etc After investigation, options...
  17. Sold
    Push Tamper - Black SOLD £100 + £7 Royal Mail Special Delivery Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter - SOLD £25 Delivered (Box is water damaged) VST 18g Ridgeless Basket - SOLD £15 Delivered La Marzocco 14 & 17g Ridged Basket - SOLD £10 for both Delivered IMS Competition E61 Shower...
  18. Coffee Accessories The grinder integrated in the oracle touch (same as Sage Smart Grinder Pro) is not the best grinder making top reproducible results. So what i am looking for to train my skills and maybe get better results is...
  19. Lever Forum
    Just bought a plumbed original L1 on this forum to add to my Vesuvius and Ponte Vecchio Lusso and am in the process of getting to the best basket / dose combination. On my Vesuvius, I dose 18g in an 18g VST basket. When I do the nickel test (or 5p) the dose leaves the correct impression at...
  20. Sold
    If I have used this it was once. £18 posted. Jony
1-20 of 91 Results