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  1. Videos
    Hi! I started this topic to share short, fun broll videos about coffee. Let me start by sharing my first Aeropress broll video. Enjoy!
  2. Videos
    Hello and welcome to my first video! I finally made it! This is the unboxing of the subscription package from La Cabra Coffee Roasters. I will share my first impressions of these unique coffees and of course brewing them with you. I was really surprised by what I found inside the box! This...
  3. Expobar Forum
    Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of...
  4. Coffee Accessories
    I'm not really into the linking scales and phone thing but they certainly look pretty cool!
  5. Coffee Lounge
    Interesting video that some may be interested in , I wonder what people think , personally I used to love the look of old school but alas, taste has gotten the best of me , the challenge now is to try and find the coffee .
  6. Coffee Lounge
    Thought this was quite a nicely done video showing the NY coffee scene
  7. Coffee Lounge
    Make sure you don't have a mouthful of coffee
  8. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi all, I have decided to make and post some videos, showing my workflow, regarding various coffee making techniques. I've already posted a video of flat white done with Rancilio Silvia, but I would like to aggregate these in a one thread. I will be adding more as I get time to create them...
  9. Videos
    I recently did a video of some of the history of coffee in Hawaii along with reviewing where Kona coffee, one of the largest types of coffee that can be found in Hawaii. I've never personally had Kona coffee but it sounds absolutely tasty and I even learned there's a Kona coffee festival! Have...
  10. Videos
    This is an interesting recipe that consists of coffee, unsalted grass fed butter, and a derivative of coconut oil called Brain Octane oil. It claims to be able to help with concentration, focus, and losing weight. Though it all sounds to be a big pot of snake oil, I made this video to break down...
  11. Videos
    After doing some research on coffee in Vietnam, I learned they make this interesting coffee where sweetened condensed milk and an egg yolk mixed with coffee and it turned out quite delicious. I made a little video on how to make it as well. Anyone else try it before?
  12. Coffee Lounge
    Being someone who only attemps latte art at the weekend for her ladieship, I only only drink the dark stuff, I find I'm not getting nearly enough practice to even get the milk correct let alone the art, so in future I shall be resorting to my other passion to solve this, if you to want to create...
  13. Videos
    I truly loved learning the neat history of how Colombia became so huge within the coffee industry and how it has impacted the coffee industry as a whole.
  14. Videos
    I wanted to do a series on coffee around the world and I decided I'd try the most iconic place, Italy, to be the start. Watch and enjoy!
  15. Videos
    Ive compiled the progress Ive made regarding my latte art over the past year or so into this video. I have by no means come close to mastering it, and am learning all the time. [video=youtube;1Q71-R2nLfI]
  16. Ceado Grinders
    I was trying to find out how much stale coffee is needed to season a grinder and came across this explanatory interview at Whole Latte Love with Tino Franzini from Ceado. It's interesting viewing and I thought it worthwhile posting, as it's a subject that gets asked a lot, opinion is divided...
  17. Coffee Accessories
    On the wall in this video?
  18. New Members Section
    Hey guys! I'm not really new here, but it's been so damn long since I posted here that I may as well be! My name's Seamus (or Chris, I go by both), and I've been a barista since '07. I've meandered through the industry up here in the North and have found myself helping to set up, and now to...
  19. Sage Forum
    This is one of the issues I have with my soon-to-be-returned Barista Express. This is even more dangerous when the basket is full and hot! [video=youtube;ZJok7-zS5Cs]
1-19 of 46 Results