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  1. Sold I am am selling my SAN Remo Treviso and vario as a unit. Comes with all the bits in the pic...
  2. Introductions
    Hi All, I have been lurking for a bit but thought I should introduce myself. Current machine is a Silvia which I have had for about 4 years paired with a Vario grinder. So having some upgradeitus I have been looking and trying to decide on what and when. As always there are plenty of...
  3. Show Off Your Setup
    Expobar flushed and calibrated etc, Vario dialed in with the beans Bellabarista sent, first acceptable shots pulled. <content></content>
  4. Coffee Accessories
    Hi I'm looking at buying a Rancilio Silvia hopefully with a vario grinder. Ideally I would like to try before I buy but as much as I would like a trip to London I would prefer somewhere in the North East of england. Does anyone have any ideas of who sells either this or something similar who...
  5. Show Off Your Setup
    Hi, we all know what a Gaggia Classic looks like, but I thought I'd post anyway so you can see how it looks with a Vario Grinder. Photo was taken just before Sunday morning coffee. Sandy you will be pleased to know that my medium Costa cups are warming behind me.
  6. Show Off Your Setup
    Well here goes, a picture of my set up. This is due for an upgrade so an udated picture will be posted when upgrade is complete (although these upgrades seem to be an ongoing project)
1-6 of 6 Results