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  1. Coffee Beans
    I've tried Rave fudge and Union Revelation and enjoyed both. My palate is inclined towards dark roasts with chocolately flavours but I'm willing to experiment a little. Would anybody like to make a suggestion for my next purchase?
  2. Videos
    As requested a quick clip. Excuse the bad camera work , poor quality, rubbish coffee technique , and the general state of the economy. It tasted very nice, and I guess thats all that counts - Union Revelation , second shot dialling in, 15.8 in , 24 ish out. I will try and do some extractions...
  3. Coffee Beans
    Hi everyone, Just been starting out with my Gaggia Classic this week. I'm using Drury Reale beans at the moment and the shots are pretty good but I'm finding they don't really 'punch' through the milk when I'm making lattes/capps. Anyone know of any bold, punchy but fairly inexpensive espresso...
1-3 of 3 Results