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  1. Deals
    These look nice. I've bagged myself one for Christmas:
  2. Brewed Coffee - The info here says extraction stops the moment you plunge, which would have been my only criticism. You can also add a paper filter!!! Anyone seen one of these? Very tempted to get one for work.
  3. Brewed Coffee No idea about performance but it looks interesting and as it actually fits a travel mug and has a re-usable filter, there may be some merits to it?
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Hi All, I currently use a Contigo West Loop Autoseal travel mug, for my journey to work. I've found this to be very good at keeping drinks hot, it's quite similar to a little flask but I also find it mutes the flavours of the coffee. I am guessing that's because of the smallish spout and so...
  5. Syndicated News and Coffee Tweets around the world
    thecoffeetweet: Increase in travel mug sales More...
1-5 of 5 Results