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  1. Sold
    For sale is my Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine. Excellent condition with the odd very faint scuff mark to the chrome if you look hard, perfect working order. Bought new from Bella Barista in August 2015. I have only ever used Everpure filtration system treated water with the machine...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    I have recently purchased a coffee grinder and a coffee subscription which I used with my espresso machine and it's great. Not all of my family like espresso although they do enjoy a "traditional", typical style mug of coffee("black with 1 sugar please"). I'm looking into equipment so I can...
  3. Coffee Lounge
    For some time I've looked at those great cappuccinos you see at the competitions and wondered how they get such nice latte art on a cappuccino. They're not pouring off the side of the jug, I know that much! So tonight I'm reading the WBC rules and the definition of a cappuccino is: So if I...
1-3 of 3 Results