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  1. The Tea Room
    Thank you @TastetheTea for helping to revitalise the Tea Forum section. We'd love to grow this into something bigger and look forward to seeing discussions about Tea in this section.
  2. Introductions
    Hi Guys, I've joined for access to the tea room forum. As the title suggests I am a tea enthusiast and sole writer for, a review blog for all things tea Hope you get the chance to show your support and check it out. Thanks Chelsea
  3. Introductions
    Hi everyone, Looking for feed back on Indonesian coffee business. Over next few months I shall be setting up a business selling roasted indonesian beans. I have a few ideas in my head to sell the beans initially purchased within the UK to get some more cash behind me before importing from...
  4. The Tea Room
    I am setting up a company which imports Cylon tea from a friends plantation in Sri Lanka to the uk. I will be importing the highest quality tea I can get and hoping to sell under my own name Tatlers Tea. My question is, are there regulations with selling tea as it is a consumable product? Do I...
  5. Announcements Archive
    Tea Forums UK now has its own forum and online presence As a sister site to Coffee Forums UK, the purpose is to discuss and develop the awareness of tea types and brewing methods. Tea is a largely undiscussed topic online and there is a growing awareness of loose leaf tea and the emergence of...
  6. Syndicated News and Coffee Tweets around the world
    coffee_forums: RT @teaforums Tea Forums is back online. We're starting fresh. Will you join us in a journey to discover good tea? More...
1-6 of 6 Results