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  1. Accessories
    Bravo tamper I have for sale my Calibrated Bravo tamper 54.7mm matte black with Ipe (Brazilian oak) wood handle Brought mid feb this year and has been used twice a day for 3 months so only approx 100 times. It is in immaculate, never been dropped, scratched marked or anything outside normal...
    £80 GBP
  2. Wanted
    Hi All I'm looking for a good tamper for VST / IMS baskets, I believe that they are something like 58.4 or 58.5mm. Whats out there please.
  3. Coffee Accessories
    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here and looking for some recommendations on a decent tamper and thoughts on a distribution tool? I have searched all previous posts, but they are either a few years old or don't have enough suggestions for me. I find it difficult to consistently tamp and my small...
  4. Sold
    Lovingly referred to as Purple Rain , bit of a one off. 58.4 mm flat base. 96mm base to top of handle Slight mark on top of handle ( see photos ) Price £75 posted ( 48 hour courier )
  5. Sold
    With Pullman checkerboard handle. 58.4 flat base 84mm base to top of handle Slight mark on base , see photo. £45 posted ( will be 48 hour courier )
  6. Sold
    JoeFrex tamper with a flat stainless steel base and a classic walnut handle. This is in very good condition and comes with both original boxes (base and handle). I am just south of Edinburgh - local delivery/postage included. Price £18.00
  7. Sage Forum
    Well I was a lucky boy for my birthday and received this tamper from Clockwork Espresso last week. Its designed to fit Sage/Breville 54mm baskets and I can confirm it fits as well as the Motta 53mm tampers. The build quality is superb and a joy to use the small tool to adjust the height...
  8. Coffee Accessories
    Good day. I'm waiting for a VBM HX machine to arrive. Now thinking about my current tamper (Reg Barber 58mm) and if I should stick with the RB or buy a 58.4/58.55mm. Any views from members with experience please? I have seen from posts here that 58.55 is the best fit. Many thanks.
  9. Sold
    I am also selling the Baristla Hustle tamper, made of white plastic. This is a 58,4 mm tamper with base, that is easily replaceable. It was used a little. Looking for 25 euro via PayPal, postage included
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Today I did a small project to enhance my espresso experience at home. My Bosco Sorrento included a 58mm tamper when I purchased it last Fall, and it can tamp sufficiently to produce consistent shots. I was a little irked however by the small gap between the tamper and the basket, sometimes...
  11. Coffee Lounge
    After a recent conversation on here about reducing stainless tampers I dug out a few 50mm plus tampers I have with intention of getting it to fit the 49mm baskets I have . Every one of the baskets seems slightly different in diameter . Managed to get diameter to about 49.5 . Then a little...
  12. Sold
    Found it lurking at the back of the drawer, Chinese knock-off tamper 58.5mm - height adjustable and sits on top of the basket edge so guarantees a level tamp. £15 posted.
  13. Sold
    I only recently bought this Splendid Joey creation for my Torr tamper. I like it loads but now I don't have an espresso machine and grinder I thought I'd see if someone else wants to buy it....? £70 posted to standard U.K. postcodes payment by PayPal friends and family. please see photos
  14. Coffee Accessories
    Recommendations on where to purchase a 49mm tamper for my europiccola Thanks
  15. Coffee Accessories
    Is there a real difference? I have a 58mm Motta tamper, and when I tamp, I can see some of the coffee around the very edges up the side wall, ie not tamped. I'm wondering if the 58.4mm will solve this? But is it worth me doing? This is using the Gaggia Classic, La Marzocco basket. Thanks.
  16. Sold
    Hi, I have got one of these for sale brand new unused. Not a seconds. There was a mix up with my order when I ordered the tamping kit for myself and was planning on keeping this as a spare, but not needed. Excellent quality, and feels solid, and feels good when you hold it. "Our standard...
  17. Coffee Lounge
    Hi everyone, I have gone from a BE which I love and had my leveller and push tamper machined down to suit! I have now just invested in a Vesuvius (thanks @Planter) and ordered my Niche last night along with a push tamper My BE is going soon as went quicker than expected, which means I am...
  18. Sold
    Push Tamper - Black SOLD £100 + £7 Royal Mail Special Delivery Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter - SOLD £25 Delivered (Box is water damaged) VST 18g Ridgeless Basket - SOLD £15 Delivered La Marzocco 14 & 17g Ridged Basket - SOLD £10 for both Delivered IMS Competition E61 Shower...
  19. Sold
    Torr Goldfinger Flatbase Black 58.4mm Tamper. I have a different Tamper now so this is surplus to requirements. Excellent condition. Only just noticed tonight under close inspection that it has a tiny scratch on the handle which I've tried to photograph for you. Not noticeable in normal use or...
  20. Sold
    Hi, I purchased these from CoffeeChap recently for the mrs as she only has single shots. As it turns out she prefers a 18g >28g shot so this is now surplus to requirements. I've only used it twice. Torr 41mm Tamper with African Blackwood handle & LM Strada 7g Basket. Now £45 inc delivery...
1-20 of 207 Results