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  1. Brewed Coffee
    I've been looking into exploring the world of syphon coffee, and have came across a few people saying the correct size is important. I normally make my coffee with 20g of beans and brew ratio ranging from 1:12 - 1:18 depending on brew methods and the coffee themselves the 2 cup siphon does...
  2. Brewed Coffee
    Hey everybody! A few years ago I bought a coffee syphon as a gift for my boyfriend. It was a Hario TCA-3 Nouveau. Sadly the other say I accidentally destroyed the upper part of the syphon. Even more sad is that this model is no longer produced, and I can't find any replacement parts for it...
  3. Show Off Your Setup
    Hi, I have finally managed to finish my home setup for making coffee, aiming for quality and small footprint. The tray is 44 x 36 cm. How many different ways of making coffee can you identify?
  4. Brewed Coffee
    I've been brewing Syphon hit and miss for some time now. It seems there's a whole lot of contradictory information around like: "use a grind slight coarser than espresso"; "use a grind slightly coarser than drip". "Total draw down time should be about 30 seconds" ; "Cut heat at 1 minute...
  5. Introductions
    Evening all. New user here based in Windsor. Happened upon this forum whilst looking into the Sage Duo Temp. My Gaggia Classic died a few days ago after ~3yrs of use, hence the research into a newer machine. Got various coffee bits; stovetop, V60, French press, syphon, Porlex manual grinder...
  6. Brewed Coffee
    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum just have a quick question about the TCA 5. I received one as a present today but haven't got any methylated spirits. Just wondering if I can sit this on the gas hob instead of using the alcohol burner. One of the rings is very small and the unit would be stable...
  7. Brewed Coffee
    I've had a relapse of Upgraditis and Christmas isn't far off so they tell me. I bought a cheap Hario syphon copy six months ago along with a butane burner. Now while the coffee is fine the quality of the syphon upsets my OCD, although its lasted longer than any of my Chemexs. Any ideas on an...
  8. Brewed Coffee
    Hello Having recently splashed out on a Syphon and a propane burner/camping stove, I am using my syphon daily. Wondered if anyone else is as religious with their Syphon? I bought a Hario 3-cup, although wish I had a 5 cup already. Find it flavoursome and gentle, as well as delicious! I...
  9. Find a Coffeeshop
    Visited Manchester a few weeks ago and googled decent coffee shops. Grindsmith was the nearest, so I forced my wife and her brother to follow me there. From the moment we entered, the staff clearly loved working there and knew what they were doing. I ordered a Syphon (£6 - expensive?) and the...
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Just wondering what everyone else has as far as prep method when you go out to a coffee shop. At home I find that making espresso and espresso based milky drinks are pretty fast and easy as I have a Sage Dual Boiler. It turns itself on and its ready an waiting for me in the morning. I can...
  11. Coffee Lounge
    I love the 'art' of a Syphon coffee - very pleasurable watching it brew. But what's the general consensus on here?
  12. Brewed Coffee
    Anyone know if this even exists? And if it does, does it yield good cup quality? Used a cloth filter but think I botched up the cleaning and storing, and ruined cup quality.
  13. Coffee Lounge
    It's that time of the year when people are asking what I want and I can never give a straight answer; I was thinking a subscription for brewed but can anyone think of anything cool or maybe recommend a subscription? Something around the £70 mark at most for a sub.
  14. Coffee Accessories
    Anyone got any suggestions for a butane burner that will sit under a cona d?
  15. Brewed Coffee
    Hey dudes, I'm trying to get my hands on a halogen beam heater for using with a syphon. Can anyone tell me where they can be procured from? Cheers
  16. Commercial | Special Offers
    On 08 November between 7 and 9pm, Denise from Coffee XTC will be holding a beginner brewing and grinding on syphons and filters workshop. There will also be a Cimbali M21 Junior 1 group espresso machine and grind on demand grinders available to use as well. Denise is an SCAE accredited trainer...
  17. Introductions
    I was instructed to do this by the Info Bar, so hey all, I'm Chris Walton, and coffee makes me happy. I'm lucky enough to be a barista trainer for union coffee, dealing with the north of the UK. I'm on here making sure I'm giving the best info possible and also continuing to learn and grow as a...
  18. Coffee Beans
    What will your last coffee of 2010 be? Mine will be a syphon of Panama Emporium Estate from Union Roasted I'll be waking up to a Jamaican Blue Mountain from CoffeeBeanShop
  19. Coffee Lounge
    Did Santa leave a little coffee gift under your tree this year? My wife got the hint about what I had wanted and a Hario 2-cup Syphon (TCA-2) was wrapped nicely in it's box under the tree As my birthday and xmas fall in the same month I hadn't expected to get one (as my birthday pressies were...
  20. Coffee Beans
    Imagine a floral scented chocolate covered almond, washed down with a melon chaser and you have just summed up the La Linda from Columbia, roasted by Square Mile Coffee Roasters I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the team at Grindsmith in Manchester, where we played around with...
1-20 of 20 Results