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  1. Coffee Beans
    Is anyone trying square miles' current redbrick espresso in an aeropress or similar? I bought some for my girlfriend to use with her aeropress as she prefers a slightly darker roast, with more nutty flavours, than most good roasters do for filter. She's previously been a massive fan of the...
  2. Coffee Beans
    Made my first ever purchase from Square Mile this week and the beans arrived today. I must say I am super impressed with the packaging. Looking forward to trying this soon and I may also go back for the Sweetshop blend at some point.
  3. Coffee Lounge
    A series of talks by renowned roasters including Union, The Barn, Square Mile and La Cabra.
  4. Brewed Coffee
    Oops..might have accidentally gone and entered this! Will have to get practicing! Anyone else thought about entering?
  5. Coffee Beans
    Over the last few months I have been getting my beans from Rave, Has Bean, Square Mile and a local roaster. I fancy a change but the choice is huge! Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm drinking brewed coffee and prefer light(ish) roasts.
  6. Introductions
    Hi, popping in to say hello. Been a coffee enthusiast since about 2006, keep learning more and more and experiencing new tastes all the time.
  7. Coffee Beans
    Anyone got the latest sweetshop blend- 50% kochere natural, 50% El Vendaval. Playing about this afternoon. Just pulled a shot in the right ball park but still overly sour. Takes a fine grind. 18 in and 27 out in 27s. Few spritzers from the bottomless pf so maybe under extracted. I've never felt...
  8. Coffee Beans
    Got an email today saying the new webshop is up and running: Prices seem a bit cheaper than buying from shops - I love Red Brick/Sweetshop but always put off by the price a bit. Suppose taking a third party retailer out the questions means they can market them...
  9. Retailer Reviews
    Hi guy's, This is something I didn't want to ever have to write as I love Square Mile but I am really rather annoyed at the manner in which an issue was dealt with(or not dealt with) the other day. Last weekend I decided to celebrate the end of my months coffee abstinence by putting in an...
  10. Coffee Beans
    Ordered myself some red brick after trying at a nearby cafe but finding it a tad more difficult to get anything good yet with very thin crema. To be fair I need to adjust the grind a bit more as I'm getting 2oz in around 35-40 secs but curious if the beans are just too fresh. Should I give them...
  11. Coffee Beans
    Has anyone tried the new Red Brick from Square Mile yet? Red Brick has been my favourite coffee for some time (back to when it was Winter/summer espresso), however I didn't enjoy the blend they had during this winter so I moved to other beans. I am currently finishing some other coffee and I...
  12. Coffee Beans
    Just received my first batch of RM coffees and have spent 10 shots dialling in the grind to get the correct pour, but what is being produced is sour and nasty. Have experimented with temperatures 92-98, but it still tastes like shit. Thoughts anyone?
  13. Coffee Beans
    This is possibly one of the best coffees I've drunk to date. Lovely caramel, vanilla taste to it. Pulls a good thick gloupy shot with nice long lasting crema. Great for milk based drinks.
  14. Announcements Archive
    SOMETHING ABOUT FOOD is the first night dedicated to exploring cutting-edge food issues. Three guest speakers will present their diagnoses of the present and visions of the future - from coffee and beer to the creation of the first test-tube burger - with great drinks and music, too. Join us...
  15. Coffee Beans
    Hi Setup: Gaggia Classic - silvia & OPV mod Porlex Grinder I've been making coffee for the last couple of months...with varying success. I predominately drink milk based drinks as the espresso I produce tastes extremely bitter/sour (probably due to the fact I'm using Lavazza espresso beans)...
  16. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all, Some online research has shown that cold brewing coffee produces much lower acidity coffee, which is easier to digest. Having not been able to drink a cup now for 2 months, this is my last ditch attempt before I sell all my equipment and go cold turkey for life. Seriously. I've seen...
  17. Coffee Beans
    I'm relatively new to coffee on the sort of serious level these forums aspire to, but I am learning... Last week I bought some Square Mile Autumn Espresso beans (from a coffee stall in Columbia Road market). My first thoughts were, this is not quite how I imagine espresso to be... then...
  18. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Hi all, This is my first time on coffee forums and am in need of some help with my home setup. Currently I have: - Everpure Claris small water filter - Porlex hand grinder - kettle - v60, aeropress, chemex, syphon, french press. My problem is in the final cup of all of my brews. I...
  19. Coffee Beans
    While I look forward to some nice beans from Glenn I have just started another bag of Square Mile's Spring Espresso. The tiger stripes when it starts to pour are amazing. I've just popped onto their website and it looks like there is none left
1-20 of 32 Results