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  1. Coffee Lounge
    Sorry if this has been covered before. Currently Im in India and loving the chai, with its cinnamon and spice taste. (Plus real coffee machines are almost non existent) When I get home I'm going to grind and weigh some shots that contain some cinnamon or cardamon pods etc, and see what they're...
  2. Coffee Beans
    Hi everyone After trying Starbucks Christmas blend I do fancy a coffee with a bit of a "Christmas spice" to it if you know what I mean. Has Beans Christmas Blend isn't going to be on sale for a while yet so I am looking for suggestions if anyone has any. Many thanks HLA91
  3. Coffee Beans
    Indian Bibi Plantation & El Salvadorian Finca La Fany beans have been blended to create a lovely smooth and sweet coffee. Jose describes this as Red Wine Sangria and the red fruit tastes are abundant, with cocoa notes in the background too. There is a bite, but this is some type of spice...
1-3 of 3 Results