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  1. Coffee Accessories
    Hi, We have some accommodation units in South Devon and want to buy a pod based coffee machine for our top of the range accommodation. We need 30 for now, maybe more in future years. We will be including some free pods and want to sell additional pods in our shop. So the availability of the...
  2. Introductions
    Looking to ditch my old Senseo and get real
  3. Introductions
    Hello! So, here I am, starting out on my real coffee journey, hoping for some valuable advice and guidance from you, the wonderful, experienced people of the Coffee Forums Like many, my path began with poor freeze dried instants leading me to Senseo machines, muddy cafetieres and more...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Looky here Someone at work has just ordered one of the Nespresso gadgets. Made me smile, over £300 for the de longhi machine & 28p a cup thereafter....bargain! Not sure how describing one of their blends as 'winey' is going to help.
  5. Coffee Accessories
    I was going to buy a new expresso machine that grinds the beans for each cup until, when travelling, I came across a machine that uses shiny "flying saucer" shaped discs for each cup, and I was impressed by both the range of coffees in these discs and the quality of the expresso coffee they...
  6. Coffee Accessories
    I want to buy a coffee machine for my husband's birthday. He likes to drink americano when we go out, and would like to make them at home....he had one of those senseo things that used pods but wasn't impressed with it. I can only afford to spend about £200. Have been looking at reviews and...
1-6 of 6 Results