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  1. Sold
    Hey everyone, Listing my Acaia Pearl S for sale. It was bought from Machina Coffee at the start of March for £186. Great scale, comes with the box and rubber heat protection mat. Item shows sign of use but function as they should. Price is £145 including delivery. PayPal friends & family...
    £125 GBP
  2. Sold
    View Advert Acaia Pearl S Hey everyone, Listing my Acaia Pearl S for sale. It was bought from Machina Coffee at the start of March for £186. Great scale, comes with the box and rubber heat protection mat. Item shows sign of use but function as they should. Price is £145 including...
  3. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hi All I'm looking at getting some floor scales - mainly for weighing out buckets of beans (green) 15-20kg max, rather than the full jute bags. There's a bewildering array of makes/styles out there so I was hoping to get a recommendation (or two) from anyone who has something similar. So far...
  4. Wanted
    In the market for a set of Acaia Lunar scales with travel case if possible
  5. Coffee Accessories
    hi all Is the Felicita Arc worth getting and saving the money compared to the ACAIA LUNAR? I heard there is zero customer service for the Felicita and they closed down. Is this true?
  6. Sold
    Hi folks. I've ended up with an enormous surplus of milk jugs! Most of them are Motta and all are in varying condition. There are a couple of other bits and pieces listed here. I'm based near Beaconsfield if anyone wants to pick any of this stuff up and I'd prefer bulk purchases if at all...
  7. Wanted
    hey if anyone is selling a acaia pearl please let me know! thanks
  8. Gaggia Forum
    Hi All. I'm gearing up to pull my first shot form my new (to Me) Classic. can anybody recommend a good cheap (ish) set of scales that fit under a Standard Portafilta and a Standard Drip Tray.
  9. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all, Looking for the best scales for up to £100. Brewista Smart Scale v2 at around £80 are at the top of my list. Can anyone recommend any better?
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Hi, I am new to the forums and wondering you could provide me with some help. I have a simple setup at home of a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe and ROK manual grinder. I have been using a variety of beans to try and make nice espresso and americanos. Sometimes the shots I make are quite bitter and...
  11. Coffee Lounge
    As I just usually make one coffee i've got into the habit of either taring with the PF, or, since using the niche, taring the cup - then weighing the beans into the cup. i looked at this process and thought Why not just put the beans in the bag on the scale, tare that - and just spoon out...
  12. Coffee Accessories
    Anyone have any recommendations of a good set of budget scales to use with the dtp? I'm looking for ones that will fit underneath the PF so I can weigh as it pours. These ones seem like they might fit the bill: would be...
  13. Coffee Accessories
    I'm not really into the linking scales and phone thing but they certainly look pretty cool!
  14. Sold
    In original packaging purchased new a year ago For sale as unfortunatelyit is not compatable with my new Espresso Machine Has a spare protection strip ready to be applied together with original calibrated 100g weight A few marks as shown but perfect working order Here is a Lunar for the...
  15. Sold
    I bought these from Coffee Island all of a week ago so they are as new, still at 100% charge. They're just not for me although their responsiveness and accuracy are quite something after the kitchen scales I've been using for years. CI are doing them at the moment for £140 and I'm looking for...
  16. Coffee Accessories
    hi I am looking for some scales with a timer that won't break the bank. I already own these and I don't really like them. Thank you in advance.
  17. Coffee Accessories
    I am looking to buy either the Felicita Arc or Acaia Pearl scales. I am sick of scales failing due to water ingress. can anyone that owns either scales please advise which is best to go for as they look almost identical Thank you
  18. Coffee Accessories
    In my hunt for some decent but affordable scales I happened upon these. From the description they are water resistant and weigh down to 0.1g and up to 3kg and a timer for you pour over nuts...
  19. Coffee Accessories
    Seeing a set for sale (no longer) in the For Sale thread and recalling earlier mentions of them (via a thread Dylan created and that recently sprang back into life) - is anyone on the Forum actually using them and how do you find them?
  20. Sold
    I purchased these new the other day, but they arrived and the weight had worked loose in the box and bumped the edge of the scale. Being the grumpy sod I am I decided not to bother with them then, Other than the bump they're pristine, new and most importantly fully functioning. If anyone wants...
1-20 of 100 Results