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  1. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    I know there are some clever bods on here who like an engineering challenge. Is there anyone near Preston who fancies trying to make my Santos more suitable for Espresso? I know about the stepless mod (although I still haven't done it), and I've not aligned the burrs.... and I'd assume a much...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    So I have tentative upgrade permission from the boss.... she started it (honest) with a 'would a bigger machine be faster?' after the usual 20+ mins to make 4 single and 1 double latte with my Sage DTP. 'Yes' says I 'a dual boiler would be much faster..... but a better grinder would taste...
  3. Coffee Beans
    Really interested in peoples views on House Blends - the likes of Starbucks, Costa, Nero I owned 3 coffee shops in the 1990s which we roasted inhouse for and my muscles still remember lifting 60kg sacks of green beans. We sold them in 1998 so were kind of early in the coffee revolution...
  4. Coffee Accessories
    So i currently have a Cusinart burr grinder... it works well with my (very cheap) Delonghi machine, but having made the mistake of joining here and reading about nice kit and nice coffee, I'm looking to upgrade. A local FB group has a Santos number 4 for sale for £120. They look to be...
  5. Sold
    I am selling my Santos 4 grinder. I have bought it in late January this year for £200, cleaned it up, replaced the burrs (£67.80) and used it since then. However, I did get back to a Feldgrind. I don't drink enough coffee that hand grinding would become a problem. It must have went through less...
  6. eBay Auction and Gumtree Links £125.
  7. Coffee Accessories
    I have an old Santos No 1 grinder in storage (came from a low(ish) use canteen kitchen and I donlt thonk has ever had a proper service or clean. I'm using a Gaggia Paros which incorporates a separate Gaggia grinder (possibly an MDF grinder). I was wondering which would be better as well as...
  8. Coffee Accessories
    Does anyone know where i can get a replacement burr set for a Santos 04 grinder? They are 63.5mm od and 35.5mm Id. 8.7mm thick (dimensions of old worn set) Ive seen them for £60 but hoping to get them cheap as possible. Cheers
  9. eBay Auction and Gumtree Links
    Only at £41 at the moment with 2 hours to go:- I believe it's a 64mm flat burr machine, but don't quote me on it! Parts aren't readily available as per Mazzers but still a...
  10. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Anyone had any experience or heard anything about the santos 01 spice mill/coffee grinder. The model they use the legs off for making stubby ek43s? i think. cant find anything online.
  11. Sold
    Hey Guys, Just put some Santos grinder up for sale on eBay. I also have a La Marzocco swift for sale. I've listed it as used as it's a 2011 version but it's never been used! I also have some other items useful for commercial operations if you're interested.
  12. Coffee Beans
    Has anyone found a good, constant supply of Brazilian Santos in the UK from a good roaster? Thanks!
  13. Coffee Beans
    Lovely bright sunny day up here in the North-East, and I'm starting off with an espresso from Hasbean's 2010 Premium Blend. I roasted these on Thursday, going a little bit darker than I normally would, and it seems to have suited the blend well. A subtle sweetness to the aftertaste. What's...
1-13 of 13 Results