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  1. Sold
    Another Rocket tamper if ayone is interested. £18 delivered It weighs 230g, is 58mm, flat based and has the Rocket logo etched on top of the handle.
  2. Sold
    I bought this 5 and a bit years ago when I got my Rocket Evo. It's 58mm with a convex base. It weighs 489g It has been used half a dozen times and as I'm unlikely to use it in the future I thought I'd offer it for sale. £40 including delivery
  3. Show Off Your Setup
    Well at long last I succumbed and bought a proper grinder. The Krupps 75 that I've been using until now was a gift and I felt I would have been an ingrate if I didn't use it for some length of time, well that time is up. I'll still use it if I want to use the french press, but that's an...
  4. Pay it forward
    Time to give a little something back. I got this tamper with my R58. Not using it, as I like my madebyknock tamper (which of course I had to wait forever to receive). So, for the cost of postage (probably a couple of quid), this tamper's yours. Ideally, I'd like it to go to someone who's still...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Having just bought and now enjoying a fabulous Rocket Giotto Evoluzione, I decided to lash out and buy a Rocket Tamper to go with it. The one that comes with the machine is a bit light and aesthetically challenged, I think. I have bought it from Alchemycoffee (£45) and if this is what they are...
  6. Gaggia Forum
    I've just got a new Rocket Tamper (see sig) and it's supposed to be 58mm. I don't feel like it's as tight as it could be in my basket and hence I'm not getting a tamp I#m 100% happy with I feel I can do a bit better with my crappy plastic one because by moving it around I can really get into...
  7. Coffee Accessories
    A friend of mine got one of these but it's too big for his machine so he can't use it. He's going to sell it to me for £25 I like the look of it
1-7 of 7 Results