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  1. Find a Coffeeshop
    Hi folks. Heading to Dundee for the day. Any leads on good coffee shops and/or roasters please? many thanks!
  2. Coffee Beans
    Any thoughts on London-based roaster Boun Beans? I saw their appearance on BBC Dragon's Den a while ago - IIRC their owner claimed to be exclusively focused on grade 1 beans, especially from Ethiopia, and he took some heat from one or two of the dragons because of his "high" prices (however, as...
  3. Coffee Beans
    Thinking of placing an order with Machina Espresso in Edinburgh for roasted beans, any recommendations on their beans that suit flat white's or cappuccino's please. Their 1kg prices seem quite reasonable ie Brazilian Agua Grande at £18.50kg ( £9.50 250g ) some roasters 1kg prices don't seem to...
  4. Coffee Beans
    Hello all, I've recently moved to Northampton area and was wondering who people recommend for purchasing beans from?
  5. Coffee Beans
    Hi I've been using Redber, Rave, Thomsons (Glasgow) and Artisan roast beans but looking for something different. Any recommendations?
  6. Coffee Beans
    It's Friday morning, and I am close to running out of beans. I have a Hasbean subscription, and there's a good chance I will get my Hasbean bag on Saturday. Even so, as a backup, I'm thinking to order some more beans from somewhere else. Nice to have a selection anyway. Apart from Hasbean...
  7. Coffee Beans
    I saw a mention of Forge Coffee Roasters on an American forum and had a look at their site. It's very attractive. Forge seems to specialise in espresso roasts. Has anyone tried their beans?
  8. Coffee Beans
    Girlfriend is headed over to New York at the end of the week for a fortnight and has offered to bring back a few things from the US with her - anyone have any roasters they'd recommend? She'd be happy to pick up anything in NY but can get something delivered from anywhere in the US in that time...
  9. Introductions
    Hi all I am in the process of opening a coffee bar in Coventry I would welcome suggestions on a name... Can you recommend any good roasters to get me started.. Manjit
  10. Coffee Lounge
    I'm curious as to where people think is the most exciting city/area for coffee. Berlin seems really interesting and packed full of roasters/cafes and I'm really keen to go, but there's plenty of other fantastic roasters and cafes around the world. I thought Dublin was really cool, and I always...
  11. Coffee Lounge
    Hi all, does anyone have any recommendations for decent roasters with free or cheap postage? I'm looking for places to buy the odd single bag to tide me over when my Dog & Hat subscription leaves me a touch short without paying £3-4 postage ontop of a £6-8 order. Thanks!
  12. Coffee Beans
    As my beloved Tap are merging with DOCASA their beans won't be available anymore (sniff) so I need to find a place that specialises (or has a good variety) of light roasts. What are your favourite light roasts / roasters?
  13. Coffee Beans
    Hi all Whats the most recommended beans for cappa and latte? I prefer non fruity flavors leaning more towards chocolate tones. Also prefer forgiving beans that are easier to dial in. Thanks
  14. Coffee Beans
    Hi all! Has anyone got any recommendations on high quality roasters in east anglia?
  15. Coffee Lounge
    OK, Perhaps an angry icon in the post is a bit too much, perhaps I had a bad day today, but I feel the need to rant ... you know? As some of you know, I am building the beans/roasters comparison resource/website (it's live by the way ). Now, there are many problems with automating the...
  16. Coffee Beans
    Hello, beautiful coffee lovers, I had a quick chat with Glenn who encouraged me to make a post. I am trying to create a resource that seeks coffee beans by our lovely roasters and presents them in the most useful way. Naturally, I want to make it as useful as I can, so I'd very very much...
  17. Coffee Beans
    Anyone tried this roaster? They are relatively local to me and their website has some interesting albeit blends and slightly expensive SO coffees. Might pop down tomorrow for a 250g bag of their Kenyan for my AP and to see if they have any stale beans to season my new Mazzer burrs.
  18. Coffee Beans
    Hi all, I'm setting up a new cafe on the edge of the New Forest (Ringwood) and I'm looking to source beans as locally as possible. I've spoken to a couple of local businesses but wondered if anyone had any specific recommendations based on personal experience? Thanks, Andy
  19. Coffee Beans
    I've been looking at new, artisan roasters to try recently. Looking at Grumpy Mule in a bit more depth I find they are part of Bewley's. Then looking a bit further I find there is a roasting company near-ish to me, Peros (a sister company of their main office in Bucks) who also seem to have...
  20. Coffee Beans
    Anyone used this roaster before? Thoughts. Has to be the best name for a roaster.
1-20 of 58 Results