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  1. Sold
    Willing to deliver within England (contact me for details). Please find photos HERE Goes for £500, sorry no offers, but willing to consider free delivery. Unfortunately I can't justify this lovely machine in my 70sqft kitchen. Rancilio S24 Heat Exchanger Single Group Tank fed Light...
  2. Sold
    ECM Barista Espresso Machine with E61 Brewhead This machine was purchased by me in Sep. 2013 at a cost of £1100 . It has been used very moderately (ave. 2 shots per day) in a soft water area and always using filtered water. It is in very good condition, with only very light cosmetic scratches...
  3. Coffee Accessories
    We are opening an independent coffee house in a remote location in Kenya. We need to decide which brand/model of commercial (3-group) coffee machine to buy and import. Our main concerns/priorities are: 1. Reliability and durability - we are a hell of a long way from trained/ qualified service...
  4. Commercial | Special Offers
    Anyone know any reliable stores to buy an espresso machine in or near London, or online? People who have good customer service and don't give problems with delivery, repairs, refunds etc.
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Hi, i'm new to the home espresso scene, however i have been trying to do my research. I was hoping to spend around £200 for a machine and buy a grinder in the near future. I have seen the Ascaso Arc advertised for around £263 at, which seems to be a good deal for this machine...
1-5 of 5 Results