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  1. New Members Section
    Hi What are the most reliable machines out there? Thanks
  2. Sage Forum
    Hi looking at pulling the trigger on a sage barista express, just had some concerns over the reliability of the unit. some people on here like it, other have complains. i just wondered if their is anyone one here that has had one long term and can tell me if the regret it or not. Thanks! first...
  3. Sage Forum
    I'm going to start this by stating very clearly that I have no wish to start another argument on this front. I have searched the forums many times on this subject and have seen that most threads on this front end up flame-ridden. I am considering a dual boiler, which looks to be a very capable...
  4. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi I've been looking to replace my current Krups hand me down and after searching around for some time I'm considering getting a Silvia and mazzer mini. These two combined are right at the top of my budget so ideally with correct care i would like them to last which brings me to ask how...
  5. Coffee Accessories
    We are opening an independent coffee house in a remote location in Kenya. We need to decide which brand/model of commercial (3-group) coffee machine to buy and import. Our main concerns/priorities are: 1. Reliability and durability - we are a hell of a long way from trained/ qualified service...
1-5 of 5 Results