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  1. Sage Forum
    I bought a BES980UK The Oracle Espresso Machine. I wanna make a product registration. Because I live in Belgium the State/Province* field is getting grey/soft. Because it's a required field I can't make my product registration. Same @ Ask us. How to register?
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    coffee_forums: Are you the December registration competition winner on Coffee Forums UK? - Happy New Year! More...
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    coffee_forums: Our October Registration Competition Winner has been announced. Click here to see if you have won - More...
  4. Announcements Archive
    Due to the unfortunate actions of spammers signing up and posting porn links, new registrations will be moderated for the foreseeable future until a more secure registration process is established. We aim to bring new moderators on board so that the sign-up process is nearly instantaneous. We...
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    We are pleased to announce that member 'MatthewCosta' is the lucky recipient of a CupKozy. To claim, please PM me with your address so that I can send this out to you as soon as possible. Thanks for joining Coffee Forums UK during May! We'll be announcing another winner of a CupKozy in the...
1-5 of 5 Results