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  1. Coffee Beans
    I've never been quite sure what others are referring too when they say that the espresso they are drinking is sweet. I've never been aware of that quality in a pure (non-milk) espresso, unless it just means absence of bitterness. So, it occurs to me to ask if someone can recommend a roasted bean...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    Hi all. I joined the forum 18 months ago and remember spending a long time researching the eternal question of "what coffee machine should I buy?" We ended up just fixing the (pretty rubbish) one that we had, but now it has died and it is time to finally get a proper machine. I remembered...
  3. Find a Coffeeshop
    Generally spoilt for choice in Scandinavia and I'm not sure I've ever been disappointed by just picking at random, but since I'm travelling for pleasure, and not business this time, I'll have plenty of time to seek something special out if there are any particular recommendations.
  4. Find a Coffeeshop
    I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow and would be glad of any recommendations of independent cafes near the city centre that are worth visiting. I'll be checking twitter too whilst on the road so any updates can be tweeted to @getnoticed
1-4 of 4 Results