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  1. Gaggia Forum
    Hi everyone, my wife bought me a new Gaggia classic for my 50th birthday as an upgrade from my Delonghi Icona. As you can imagine I'm over the moon with it however I am having difficulty getting the pucks out of the basket and having to rely on using a teaspoon to scrape it out, any tips?
  2. Coffee Lounge
    Here at Chez Pere Gris our espresso production has rocketed since buying the Sage DB and we're now approaching a coffee puck crisis. An initial curiosity about these odd things turned into fascination and then a bit of an obsession as they yielded all sorts of information about our technique...
  3. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi all, I just wanted to ask, what is your portafilter routine after making coffee? At home, I usually knock the puck out right after making the shot, flush the group, and clean the basket. The portafiler then sits in the grouphead with empty and clean basket, ready for next shot. In the...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    So I've just stripped & rebuilt my Gaggia Classic (with quite a bit of sound insight from old posts here, thanks!) And pulled my first couple of shots which taste pretty decent to my untutored pallette My issue is I have quite a bit of water sitting on top of the puck when I remove the pf...
  5. Sage Forum
    My Sage Grinder Pro arrived today to compliment my Sage DB bought at weekend. up till now been using my dualit grinder which did an ok job. Noticed a big difference in coffee crema and bar pressure during extraction was 3 bar with my dualt and 8 bar with my Sage Pro Grinder. I THINK the...
  6. Coffee Lounge
    Hi all! I was making an espresso or two this afternoon and liked the look of my pucks! The rest of the album can be found HERE! Lee
1-6 of 6 Results