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  1. Show Off Your Setup
    Snapshot of my Aeropress setup before I dive into espresso! Contains: Aeropress Porlex mini Brifit 500gx0.01g scale Bodum double walled glass Cafe concetto superfine filter Hexnub aeropress organiser
  2. Show Off Your Setup
    Hey All, Purchased my first machine last weekend from a member on this forum. So far I love it! Machine is really easy to use, bottomless portfilter allows me to see all my mistakes (I have made a lot of mistakes) Looking to buy a grinder (Sage Smart Pro) off another member on here. Thank...
  3. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Hi All, Last weekend I purchased a modded Gaggia Classic (PID, Steam Wand & bottomless Portafilter) from a fellow forum user. I am wondering if my Porlex Mini is capable of a espresso grind? I am using the first click setting, getting a good result from a grind size. However my espresso...
  4. Introductions
    Hey all, After 3 years of using my trusty porlex mini for my aeropress I can't take it anymore and need to upgrade to an electric grinder. I'm starting to dread grinding as the handle generally comes off. As always, a bit of research needed before I purchase.
  5. Sold
    For sale is my Porlex mini, I've owned this for about two years, although I haven't used it since I purchased a feldgrind approx 18months ago. It's in great condition. I cannot find the rubber holder for the handle so it'll be sold without that Item is located in Horndean, Hampshire should...
  6. All Grinders & Hand-Grinders
    Thought this might have been a pisstake on the whole bearded, fixie riding barista thing then I saw the price!
  7. Sold
    Hi guys, ive been using my Porlex Tall for a few months now and absolutely love it BUT im planning to go backpacking for a few weeks and the mini would save me a some weight so im wondering if anyone would like to swap? Its in great condition and I will clean it out and all that before sending.
  8. New Members Section
    Hi, I'm looking at buying a grinder and some beans online, I've been weighing up the Hario mini and the Porlex mini which seems to be out of stock almost everywhere. I've heard good things about hasbean but have no idea which to pick, I generally like neutral/chocolately tasting coffee and...
  9. Coffee Lounge
    I've read a bit about the recent post on brew methods, but I'm after some help to deal with my unfortunate situation. I work in an office with a lot of moving desks and very little storage space. Not only that a strict policy on outside electrical items. As a result my work choice is currently...
  10. Coffee Accessories
    Hi folks, I always loved my old Spong No.1 until it died late last year. I was tempted to buy another but felt i should try my hand with something different. I would like to stay with the mill concept as i enjoy the full effort of weekend coffee making. I have my eye on the Hario Slim Mini...
  11. Coffee Accessories
    Hi, I've been browsing your forums for a while (very informative!), and now I'm looking for some advice... I'm about to buy my first espresso machine, (a joint Christmas present between myself and my girlfriend for eachother). We have a modest budget, especially by you lot it seems! (tbh...
1-11 of 11 Results