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  1. Coffee Beans
    Looking for some guidance from people who buy postage/retail beans. At the moment I serve local customers with a tin refill system, so no packaging at all. This is one of my business brands. I'm looking at affordability of recyclable or compostable 250g pouches. I'm looking into stage two...
  2. Coffee Lounge
    Which machine do I keep, A Vesuvius or a Linea MiniVesuvius1854.55%La Marzocco Linea Mini1545.45%
  3. Coffee Beans
    Ok folks so here are the results Few stand out changes from last year's poll Espresso based drinks are still the tops at 62.2% but this is down on 2014 where it dominated even more at 72.4 % ( 10 % down on last year and a movement of 14% ) Within espresso base drink , drinking espresso is on...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    Hi all results will be out shortly , but I though while we are waiting we could have a little fun .... So, how may responses did we get in the end for the poll.....? One clue only - it was over 2000 Nearest person wins Prize - 250g of coffee from my local roasters - chosen for your taste...
  5. Coffee Lounge Ok time to run another version of this poll I think Lots of new members since the last time , so lets see if our preferences have changed How to vote ... Each day or drink ( or whatever...
  6. Coffee Lounge
    Following on from the drinks poll, where espresso based milk drink were by far the most popular, I wanted to see how often and why people drank milk in their coffee and why So go two basic polls for you Firstly - how often do you drink milk in your coffee Secondly - Why I'll run these for a...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    For a bit of fun id thought I'd run a poll to see how we prepare and drink our coffee throughout June The idea is every time you make a drink , you click on the link and tick what you have made. You can do this multiple times in a day and every day in June if you want ! At the end of June we...
  8. Deals
    How (or) should auction links be treated in the Deals forum?Only 'Buy it Now / Known Price' is truly a deal - no change required3040.00%Create a subforum for Auction links - restricted to 10+ posts79.33%Create a subforum for Auction links - restricted to 20+ posts2736.00%Allow auctions in the...
  9. Coffee Accessories
    Which machine would you pick and why?Expobar Dual Leva IV (Brewtus)1864.29%Rocket Evoluzione V2 (Cellini/Giotto)1035.71%
  10. Coffee Lounge
    How do you make based drinks???Steam milk then espreso14.55%Espresso then steam milk1777.27%Both together418.18%Milk urgh who would spoil good espresso with milk!00.00%
  11. Coffee Lounge
    Would you find an events calendar useful?Yes. On the forum only.350.00%Yes. Using Google calendar.350.00%No. I don't intend on participating in events.00.00%
  12. Announcements Archive
    Have you noticed a significant speed improvement of the Coffee Forums UK site?Yes - noticeable improvement1588.24%No - haven't noticed / still the same211.76%Undecided - need more time to decide00.00%
  13. Coffee Beans
    How and Where do you buy your beans?Online from various UK roasters2041.67%Online from a UK roaster1122.92%Subscription from a UK roaster48.33%By phone / In person from the roaster510.42%Market Stall00.00%Local Cafe612.50%Supermarket00.00%Online from Overseas Roaster12.08%Direct from the...
  14. Coffee Lounge
    Do you have a favourite barista at your local coffee shop?Yes - and I wait for them to become free to make my coffee00.00%Yes - but I am happy for anyone to make my coffee233.33%No I don't have a favourite barista at my local coffee shop350.00%Undecided (but now that you mention it...)116.67%
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    coffee_forums: Have you voted in our latest #Poll ? More...
  16. Coffee Lounge
    If you have only 10g of ground coffee left, do you...Enjoy a mini brew215.38%Buy more of the same - you never 'run out'17.69%Add some from a different blend - make your own mix969.23%Throw them into the garden for the birds00.00%Other17.69%
  17. Coffee Lounge
    Does the availability of a toilet influence your choice of cafe to visit?Yes847.06%No529.41%Hadn't really thought about it423.53%
  18. Coffee Forum Homepage Articles
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  19. Syndicated News and Coffee Tweets around the world
    coffee_forums: #poll Since the rise in VAT on 04 January has the price of your regular coffee increased at your favourite cafe? More...
1-19 of 35 Results