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  1. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm looking at opening my own Coffee Shop, we've got the premises pretty much sorted now and my partner is looking at the equipment required. I've been tasked with finding a decent supplier of paper cups and possibly smoothie cups too. What type should i be using? I see lots of...
  2. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    The coffee world in the US and Canada is abuzz with the news that Toronto Council Officials want to see the full removal of takeaway paper cups by the end of 2009 if an alternative to the plastic lids cannot be found. The proposal is to replace these with biodegreable styrofoam cups Just one...
  3. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hey guys Here's a question, what do you guys do/think that we, as baristas and coffee shop owners should be specifically doing to improve the green credentials of our coffee bars? From the simple recycling milk cartons, to weird and unique methods to save energy? Chris
1-3 of 3 Results