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  1. Introductions
    Hello everyone,my name is Craig and I am a member of Boquete Coffee Estate in Panama.First of all I am a coffee lover.We work with Panamanian Geisha Coffee suppliers here in Panama,and we are developing a 74 acre Geisha farm in Boquete Panama that we are raising funds for.I don't want to spam...
  2. Coffee Beans
    I am looking for a nice natural process central american coffee but my usual stockists don't seem to have any.......any pointers would be most recommended....thanks
  3. Sold
    As above - bought these to try - and concluded that although these are the closest I've got - Nespresso (in all it's forms) just isn't my bag. The full pack is 40 capsules and £26 posted. This is 31 capsules. Most of the nine are taken from the least expensive of the three coffees, so I'm left...
  4. Introductions
    Hi All I have just joined this forum to learn more about coffee. I am particularly interested in the roasting side of things but want to learn as much as possible about all aspects related to coffee. I am from Panama and have some family/friends there who are looking for a way to import green...
  5. Find a Coffeeshop
    Currently offering coffee served by the cup, via Clover. *We also always feature our Espresso Novo (Ethiopia, Panama, Columbia) as well as a SO option for espresso.* Our location is in the 1st floor of the Denver Art Museum Residences, on 12th and Acoma, across the patio from the Denver Art...
1-5 of 5 Results