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    (A reminder: code CFUK21 at checkout gets you 15% off all individual bags of coffee at Hi everybody! Let me preface this by saying that to us this is a major update. Some of you might shrug, but I hope many of you will recognise the significance of this...
  2. Coffee Lounge
    seen at : 6. Coffee Rave Coffee, selling exotic coffees from an industrial unit in Cirencester, is having to take on more staff to cope because demand has doubled. "We have 11 members of staff and need another five," says Vikki Hodge, who runs...
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  4. Coffee Lounge
    Bad news for coffee, unless humanity gets its act together and battles climate change:
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  6. Sold
    Hi there, guys, I felt terribly to be letting this pair of cuties go. =( But guessing that most of my friends who pay me a visit don't drink espresso, I thought maybe they could do better justice for someone who's gonna enjoy sharing espresso making. They are really a decent...
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    thecoffeetweet: More Whittards news - there will be a bargain here for someone (someone brave) - More...
1-7 of 7 Results