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  1. Sage Forum
    Hi, there is this coffee shop where I get great Flat White. I bought their beans so I could try them with my Oracle (the original one) but results are not satisfying. I already wasted all the beans, now bought new ones and there are suggestions on the package. I really need your help. This is...
  2. Coffee Beans
    Hi I'm interested to find out the coffee lovers general country they prefer so I can add them onto my websites collection, so far I have found 3 which I love, Colombian, Costa Rican and Peruvian. I'm interested in purchasing maybe some green Kenyan peaberry, has anyone tryed it? Maybe even...
  3. Coffee Beans
    I just placed my first order with these guys for a kilo of single origin yirg and got 1/3 off my order just put in :-newbean at checkout. I got it including delivery for £21.15. I will let u know how it tastes as soon as it arrives
  4. Coffee Beans
    I called by UE Roasters as I was driving by the place. I got some lovely Brazillian and Honduran beans that are roasted quite lightly. The last of my old batch ran out this morning - they were dark beans. I left the grind setting the same as the old beans and poured out around 20g. Chocked up...
  5. Coffee Beans
    Called in to Horsham roasters while working in the area. Watched the roasting in progress and picked up a bag. Very helpful and friendly chaps. This is my first decent coffee other than what you get from Costa, etc.
  6. Coffee Beans
    Hey folks, Just this morning received my first batch of Rave beans in a while (I have been on Brighton Lanes and Sweet Bourbon for a long time). Previously I have had Rave Signature and also Italian Job, but this time I thought I would mix things up a little so I have got some Mocha Java and...
  7. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    Hi- a quick bit of advice please! My equipment is a Gaggia Classic with the OPV set and a Mazzer Super Jolly. I am using a naked portafilter, WDT and skimming the top with minimal compression (sorry not weighing my dose). I am tamping at about 13-14kg according to my incredibly scientific...
1-7 of 7 Results