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  1. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Hi fellow coffee chums can you help when I use my traditional basket on my oracle, I have no problem knocking my puck out at all . When I use my naked portafilter when I come to knock my puck out it stick. Why is this coffee fresh and perfect recipe
  2. Sold
    Bought this, as thought it would fit the Oracle, but it doesn't No Basket , just the pf £15 delivered, posted first class.
  3. Sold
    Hi all, Made a few of these over the weekend. These are all Gaggia portafilters that have been converted into naked portafilters and all 4 fit the Classic. Therefore, these will also fit the Baby, Selecta Deluxe etc. 1x Gaggia Classic Gold [sold] 1x regular Gaggia [sold] 2x 'Professional'...
  4. Sage Forum
    I'm looking to get a 54mm portafilter converted into a naked PF as I know Sage don't currently produce one. Outside of buying directly from Sage, are there any third-party or other branded PFs that will fit the DTP?
  5. Technical | Faults | How-to's
    So... finally got myself a naked portafilter to help with improving my technique.. I've only poured a few shots so far, but was fairly pleased with the outcome. Generally I get decent extraction, visible striping etc. but I can't get rid of some spraying from a single/couple of holes. This...
  6. Sold
    Hi I am selling the these items. Prices below delivered Brewista scales - £30 SOLD PAYMENT RECEIVED Torr Tamper 58.4mm flat - £60 - SOLD VST 18g ridgeless basket - £20. SOLD PAYMENT RECEIVED Motta Champion jug in red 50cl - SOLD PAYMENT RECEIVED Cafelat knockbox tubbi small (few marks on...
  7. Coffee Accessories
    Anyone know where I can get hold of a 49mm tamper and naked portafilter for a La Pavoni 1974?
  8. Coffee Accessories
    Given I managed to accidentally purchase one, I was wondering how some of you are achieving a naked portafilter with it - obviously the matching handle is quite important for the 'look' Is it just a case of unscrewing the handle from the actual portafilter, in which case, which other...
  9. Sage Forum
    Would you be interested in purchasing a SDB naked portafilter via a group buy?Yes150.00%No150.00%
  10. Sold
    Hi, Got spare a Reg Barber 58mm flat base tamper, £50 posted, and Torr trapezconvex 58.4mm tamper, SOLD. Along with, naked portafilter for a Gaggia Classic almost brand new, SOLD. All items are in like new in very good condition. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal gift. Can collect from...
  11. Rancilio Forum
    I received one yesterday for my BDay and all i can say is wow what a crema i got on it and the pour was perfect for my 1st attempt.
  12. Coffee Lounge
    I've been wondering if someone who owns one of these, preferably the genuine Rancilio variety could please measure the width depth and height of the lugs on it for me. There is no official naked pf available for the Sage DB yet and it's going to be ~£60 when released so I'm trying to find an...
  13. Coffee Accessories
    Just to grab your attention...hahaa...
  14. Sold
    SOLD I've finally gotten round to selling my Silvia after upgrading a while back to a Rocket R58. So here it goes: Rancilio Silvia v3 purchased new on 8th June 2012 (tested by Rancilio after production on 27th April 2012). There is light cosmetic scratching on the top surface of the...
  15. Coffee Accessories
    Using 15g vst basket with 14g coffee on L I.
  16. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Hi coffee experts. I'm enjoying experimenting with my Gaggia Classic, Ascaso I-1D grinder & naked portafilter and I'm experiencing interesting problems for which I'd like to know the best remedies (if only my clinics with patients were as simple! Lol): 1. Having watched a few videos, I noticed...
  17. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Just used for the first time a faema naked portafilter on my cherub. The handle is nice and light with forward weighting which is much better than the rear heavy standard porta from fracino. Puts less stress on the group. What benefits do you guys find using naked portafilters (apart from the...
  18. Fracino Forum
    A question to Cherub owners - have you got a naked portafilter and, if so, where did you buy it from?
  19. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    The new generation 'naked' portafilter - invisible to the naked eye
  20. Gaggia Forum
    So my new filter holder arrived from HD and seems really well made, along with a double basket. I had two quick goes this morning but it filled my 2oz cup in about twelve seconds. I thought I had ground fine enought (10 on my Rancilio Rocky), and gave a good tamp. Will try again tomorrow with...
1-20 of 33 Results