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  1. Sold
    We are moving house and so I have discovered bits of coffee-making equipment which I have not used in a while. I have MyPressi Twist - coffeegeek review here: I'm not sure these can be bought anymore as I can't find them on the web. In any...
  2. Sold
    I have a well loved and looked after Mypressi Twist with a proper 53mm tamper for sale. The Mypressi Twist is great for making espresso on the go, requiring only a hot water source and ground coffee. I have used this on a boat, in hotel rooms, when camping and even at dinner parties - serving...
  3. Introductions
    Newbie! I own a mypressi twist, enjoying it, thinking it's time to upgrade from hario slim hand grinder into an electronic one.. the journey begins.. hopefully with the help of this website I can make smart choices and see good value upgrades for money.
  4. Coffee Beans
    Lovely bright sunny day up here in the North-East, and I'm starting off with an espresso from Hasbean's 2010 Premium Blend. I roasted these on Thursday, going a little bit darker than I normally would, and it seems to have suited the blend well. A subtle sweetness to the aftertaste. What's...
  5. Sold
    Mypress twist v2 for sale, bought about 8 weeks ago new. Not using it as much as I should so up for sale. In excellent condition, like new, complete with box and all accessories. Also have about 35 canisters that I will include. Will post more images tonight when home. SOLD
  6. Coffee Accessories
    Does anyone use one of these? I happened to see it on a youtube "recommended" video (youtube know my habits -_-) and I am a bit amazed by how good some of the shots look that come out of it. For example: Obviously great for your travels (as long as you dont fly with the pressurised N2O...
  7. Coffee Lounge
    I've read a bit about the recent post on brew methods, but I'm after some help to deal with my unfortunate situation. I work in an office with a lot of moving desks and very little storage space. Not only that a strict policy on outside electrical items. As a result my work choice is currently...
  8. Coffee Accessories
    I'm considering one of these for when at work. There is nowhere to put a full size home espresso machine at work, so that is out the question, and the Mypressi looks very tempting. I'm currently visiting Starbucks 3 times per day on average to buy a double espresso each time (£1.45 a time if I...
  9. Coffee Lounge
    Not sure of this is the best place to post this, so mods my apologies if it is not. I've got a Brand New Mypressi that i've never got round to using for sale, still with the box. £120 new, £60 posted to you. email me [email protected] if your interested. ta
  10. Coffee Lounge
    I've just had an opportunity to play host and give a demo to a friend of my wife, who enjoys her americano's. Spotting the number of machines and coffee related equipment dominating the bench space she asked the fatal question - can you make me a coffee? - which in our house is replied to with...
  11. Coffee Lounge
    Does this mean we can all have proper espresso machines at work now? How office coffee breaks make staff work harder - Telegraph
  12. Coffee Accessories
    Will be heading for Cornwall fairly soon for the first of my regular self catering breaks, so I was wondering about alternatives to the old faithful french press that I take for coffee fixes. I would welcome any opinions and experiences using one from fellow forum members, Glenn at least has a...
1-12 of 13 Results