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  1. Show Off Your Setup
    Well after picking up a bargain from eBay (£35 for this machine) It was sold as not working but it turned out that all that was needed was to have the pump cleaned out. So the machine has now been decaled and all scrubbed up. Im very pleased with it, just need to find a bargain coffee grinder now
  2. Show Off Your Setup
    Here is my coffee corner... Mignon was from Bella Barista and La Pav from CFUK's very own Soll. Motta Jug and Monin Hazelnut syrup for Lattes (wife bribes). Grindstein knock box as the Motta was out of stock at cream supplies. Just getting the Mignon dialled in and working on my...
  3. Show Off Your Setup
    Here it is all shiny and new!
1-3 of 3 Results