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  1. Sold
    Hi All, I'm moving on from my Gaggia Classic which has served me extremely well for the last two years. The machine is in great condition, has been regularly descaled and backflushed, and only seen Tesco Ashbeck water throughout its usage. It's got pre-2007 internals, with the three-way...
    £240 GBP
  2. Coffee Accessories
    So thinking of Xmas, I was considering adding a few coffee items to my list as A: I'm using the machine daily still, B: i can dictate he item and the price allocation (otherwise MIL insists on buying random crap and this year will be worse than usual) Was going to get the other half a rave...
  3. Sold
    Hi folks. I've ended up with an enormous surplus of milk jugs! Most of them are Motta and all are in varying condition. There are a couple of other bits and pieces listed here. I'm based near Beaconsfield if anyone wants to pick any of this stuff up and I'd prefer bulk purchases if at all...
  4. Sage Forum
    Hi, does anyone know where I could get a 53mm levelling tool for the barista express. I have seen that Motta sell one but it is out of stock everywhere in the UK. I don't really want to spend over £40 (I'm a student). Apologies if this has been posted before. Tim
  5. Introductions
    Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago...
  6. Introductions
    Hi everyone, Sorry I didn't see the welcome section before I posted my first thread a couple days ago about bypassing the 9 min auto shut off on my Classic 2015 model RI9403/18 (Made in Italy) Glad to be part of this community and what a great place for so much knowledge and info to share. I...
  7. Sold
    I got this non-stick matte black Europa for Christmas '17, but I ended up selling my espresso machine in March '18, so it only had minor use and has sat boxed up in the cupboard since then. As such, it is in excellent condition and was always cleaned and looked after when I did use it. It's a...
  8. Sold
    Hi, I have my 1425W Chrome Gaggia Classic - 04/2000 for sale for now £150. It is in good condition for its age & has been looked after - It only has a couple of minor rust patches behind the water tank. Recently I have done the following:- Boiler stripped, cleaned & descaled New grouphead...
  9. Sold
    Brand new, boxed and unused, same as this one: £15 including delivery
  10. Sold
    Two Motta milk jugs 35cl (350ml) and 75cl (750ml) both brand spankers. £40 for the pair inc delivery.
  11. Sold
    Motta 58mm flat tamper with wooden handle - £15 delivered. It's in great condition - no scratches or scuffs. I've just upgraded to a 58.4mm, so I can post it in the box my new tamper arrived in. For some reason I can't upload pictures, so here is a link instead:
  12. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Soooo I've decided it's times to invest in a milk pitcher. Should I go for the Motta Europa or the rhinowares stealth?
  13. Sold
    For sale as I have just purchased a 58.4mm version with the same handle. Pictures: No damage to the base or sides, how does £12 sound delivered?
  14. Sold
    Edit to say: Just the WHITE jug available now - £22 delivered Pair of black and white lightly used Motta 50cl pitchers. I can't see any marks or scratches and would say they are 'as new' really. £40 for the pair delivered. Amending to add: £22 each, delivered. No offers unless they are...
  15. Sold
    Hello everyone! I am moving from UK, and I won't have any space to use all of my coffee equipment in my next apartment, therefore I am selling my beloved and well maintained items. (Sadly…) Please have a look, and let me know if you like to see in person, or buy anything. Pick up is...
  16. eBay Auction and Gumtree Links
    Hi all I seen this on the bay...
  17. Sold
    For sale as a pair. Very good if not excellent condition. 35cl - Red 50cl - Stainless Steel Both come in original Motta boxes and are stamped motta on the base. £35 inc P&P *images to follow shortly if required.
  18. Sold
    Hi all. I have upgraded my tamper to a 58.6 Heavy Tamper(bought from one of the members here) so this is for sale. Bought from Bella Barista in March. As you can see from photos there are some very light marks on the base, possibly from using it as a single dosing weight on my mignon (due...
  19. Sold
    TORR 58.5mm Goldfinger with Palisander handle - £45 Delivered Motta 58.4mm - £15 Delivered SOLD Both in excellent condition.
  20. Sold
    Motta 58mm tamper. Flat base. Fits Gaggia Classic etc. Base is about 2 years old but in very good condition. Handle is brand new and never used. Selling as changed tamper size. Wanted to keep my handle so swapped over the bases. Open to offers but looking for £16 initially, postage at what ever...
1-20 of 46 Results