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  1. Sold
    Up for sale is a few odd bits. Torr 58.55mm tamper, flat base with waltnut handle and x1 washer for height adjustment. £65 posted. Black 50cl/500ml teflon coated Motta jug. £25 posted. IMS competition double basket, £15 posted.
  2. Sold
    Hi I am selling the these items. Prices below delivered Brewista scales - £30 SOLD PAYMENT RECEIVED Torr Tamper 58.4mm flat - £60 - SOLD VST 18g ridgeless basket - £20. SOLD PAYMENT RECEIVED Motta Champion jug in red 50cl - SOLD PAYMENT RECEIVED Cafelat knockbox tubbi small (few marks on...
  3. Sold
    Hello I have for sale an unused Motta pro Green milk jug. It is 350ml size, in stainless steel which has a nice weight. I believe it is also teflon coated. Selling as spouse would prefer a black one, or those incredibly hard to find trendy copper ones ! £18 plus £3.50 for the postage...
  4. Sold
    Hi folks, I'm also selling my Motta - Milk Foaming Jug - 500ml. Again it's in perfect condition, was purchased new from Cream Supplies for £22.44 delivered. It's the perfect size for steaming milk for 2 large flat whites. I'm asking £15 for this with FREE delivery.
  5. Coffee Accessories
    Evening, Am looking to buy a few things now my classic has magically fixed itself but can't find one shop that sells everything. Am looking for a 350ml (maybe 500ml) motta jug (black) A 18g ridgeless vst 58.35mm tamper. Have found all 3 items with no problems but all from n the same site...
  6. Sold
    Hi, I have the following for sale: Motta Milk Foaming 75 cl (£20.39 Cream, Supplies) Motta Milk foaming 50 cl (£17.99) Motta Milk foaming 35 cl (£15.95) All jugs are a year or so old, have been used. No dents or big scratches and the like. Would cost £54.33 plus postage from cream Supplies...
  7. Show Off Your Setup
    Thought I'd just whack this up while avoid revising for my last exam tomorrow - Photos all snapped on my Fuji X100 Same as last time just some better quality shots and some emotional mono's. Enjoy - I still need to photograph the niggley little bits that I posted up in the for sale section...
  8. Coffee Accessories
    Hey, I was just wondering what milk pitchers people like? Personally I use a set of Motta jugs, which are fantastic for latte art. However, one guy I work with hates them, and prefers bell bottom jugs. Another prefers the simple straight walled jug. Just curious about people's preferences...
1-8 of 8 Results