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  1. Sold
    Old Gaggia Classic chassis. Seen better days, I had planned to powder coat black and refurb but don't have the time. Comes with all other items pictures (water tank, funnel, drip tray, some plumbing, switches & wiring). £40 collected, can deliver around Wiltshire, or happy to post
    £40 GBP
  2. Sold
    WANTED: I'm looking for a new (or used) Flair portafilter that is used in the Neo, Classic and Signature models. This needs to be the black (non-pressurised) bottomless pf either with or without a spout.
  3. Sold
    Looking for a 58.6mm or 58.4mm tamper to work with my Gaggia classic. Finding the 58mm a little small.
    £20 GBP
  4. Sold
    Hi, For sale is my first espresso machine Sage Dual Boiler (BES920UK) which I grew up. Few weeks ago I bought a bigger, more functional and more expensive machine and this is the only reason for sale. Two years ago SDB was the best choise at that time for my budget . I wanted to enter...
    £600 GBP
  5. Sold
    This machine is in excellent condition inside and outside. All valves and gaskets replaced on February 2022 to sell the machine almost brand new. Steam boiler insulated with ceramic wrap and aluminium (main boiler no insulated for a perfect PID infusion control). PID display replaced to red...
    £1,000 GBP
  6. Sold
    EXPOBAR Leva E61 Group Mini Semi-Automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group EB-61 with lever, made of bronze of the highest quality and copper boiler with 1,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. One steam tap and one hot water tap. Very good condition...
    £600 GBP
  7. Sold
    For sale in Scotland. 😅 Fully restored Gaggia orione, updated with autofill including new gicar unit and solenoid, sirai 30 amp stat, and it can be manually filled too. Runs on single phase with 1800 watts of power 🙂. Price is open to negotiation
    £1,700 GBP
  8. Sold
    This is a great machine that makes great, consistent espresso and milky drinks. The condition is excellent, I bought it less than 2 months ago from Bella Barista and can provide proof of purchase if required. I've probably only pulled 100 shots since buying it. I'm selling as I've had the...
    £900 GBP
  9. Sold
    Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine - PID - Shot timer - pre-infusion. Extras included are: Mr Shades PID kit Shot timer Pre-infusion kit Brass Group head IMS shower screen Rancillio steam wand OPV Mod Low drip tray for bigger cups (original also included) Pressure guage...
    £350 GBP
  10. Sold
    I have a 1968 Quick Mill coffee machine I'm currently restoring, similar to the one pictured. Unfortunately I require a portafilter to make it complete. It is the early 2 lug design. It's a long shot but does anyone have one lying around in the back of a cupboard somewhere?
  11. Sold
    Hi everyone, For sale is my V Evo Leva. I do not think the model needs any introduction at all, it is exactly in the same condition as when I received it and has been used for 2-4 shots a day, 99.9999% percent of the time for espresso only so without the steam boiler on. I has only been fed...
    £2,550 GBP
  12. Sold
    Purchased new in december 2020 or. only 1 year old in lightly used home environment. It is in excellent condition, with no defects, scratches, dents, etc. I had the side panels and all three portafilter handle custom made in a oak wood. This machine is direct plumbed using BWT water filter. This...
    £4,390 GBP
  13. Sold
    Hi, I've put yet another set of various parts together again! The Bodum Chambard cafetiere is brand new and unused, cost £29.99. Used once is the Kirkton House moka pot. Little used, the stainless steel Kalita Wave 185 dripper and a full box of filters Random unopened 100 packet of...
    £43 GBP
  14. Sold
    I am looking to depart with my 8 month old Lelit Elizabeth. The unit was purchased on May 10, 2021 from BellaBarista. It is barely used as I was away from London for a long time after I bought it. It's a great machine that was also positively reviewed in the CFUK. Along with the machine I...
    £950 GBP
  15. Sold
    Hi Looking for a portafilter pressure gauge to set the opv valve on a gaggia classic, if anyone has one. Many thanks
  16. Sold
    I have for sale a PID for expobar office leva machines. It came off my dual boiler (brewus IV). i replaced it as some segments are missing and it has become increasingly hard to tell what temp I'm at, but it is still possible with some fiddling to work out where you are (I go up to 100 so it...
    £20 GBP
  17. Sold
    Here we've got a classic original portafiter with a pressure gauge attached and it comes with a blind basket for testing. The portafilter is in very good condition and the bolt that can rust the handle in place has been removed and a new stainless steel bolt fitted. (see pic of new bolt with...
    £45 GBP
  18. Sold
    Baby gaggia - used to work, but now just heats the water and doesn't pump. Tried descaling but only got it 5o work briefly. Figure someone might want to buy it to fix or for the parts. Yours for £20 with free pickup in Hammersmith, London or approx £12 p&p elsewhere in UK.
    £20 GBP
  19. Sold
    Gaggia Classic, powdercoated red and was initially used on Gaggia UK TRADE stand It has not been used for almost two years. The machine powers up, the steamer works but there is a blockage on the hot water for coffee flow. The price reflects this. Collection only.
    £40 GBP
  20. Sold
    Hello, Selling this Gaggia Classic that I have owned for at least 4 years, during my ownership I have only used filtered and bottled water. I am unsure of the concrete year it was manufactured, but I am pretty sure it is the model before their components started being worse (might not have...
    £100 GBP
1-20 of 207 Results