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  1. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    My van is 95% complete and I now need a logo for it. I'd like a silhouette of a lever machine, but i'm not sure where to get such an image. Any suggestions?
  2. Gaggia Forum
    gaining knowledge before my 'Classic' search i see various logo - some printed, others a badge apart from not wanting the 2015 model - do the other logos indicate the age.? and - any model age to be wary of..?.............thanks . .
  3. Find a Coffeeshop
    Hi friends, I am conducting my dissertation project on Starbucks and Gap, and struggling with collecting data now. So happy to join this coffee forum, and share all about coffee. Could you help to fill in both of the questionnaires below? It takes only several minutes. I really need your help...
  4. Announcements Archive
    Keep an eye out for the new logo coming soon to a screen near you. You'll be able to identify with this at first sight!
1-4 of 4 Results