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  1. Coffee Beans
    Hi Thought I would give you a update on the free beans ( Donated by Beanosaurus ) On opening the packet the beans had a lovely aroma ( they are packed in a Foil type re sealable package ) I could see the 3 different beans ( different colours ) Ethiopia , India , Indonesia Described as Body...
  2. Videos
    First video made after our house move in designated coffee room! Even though the kit remains the same, still feels alien
  3. Show Off Your Setup
    My beautiful Fracino Heavenly with bottomless portafilter. This carries an 18g VST basket. I use a Graef on-demand grinder, but keep minimal coffee in the hopper. The white jar is from Starbucks but most of my coffee is kept in a Kilner jar. I get 1kg per month from Limini Coffee. The tamp is...
  4. Videos
    Cheeky little 9oz bucket of a 2 shot doppio-based latte carrying a layered tulip!
  5. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    Hi We are setting up a New Coffee Shop, its quite small so I expect to sell anywhere between 40 and 100 coffees per day and would expect no more than say 20 in any 1 hour period. I am thinking of a 2 group machine but have no idea of what boiler capacity to go for? I was thinking of spending...
  6. New Members Section
    Evening all, has anyone had any dealings with Limini Coffee? would appreciate opinions! Ta muchly xx
  7. Coffee Lounge
    I received this today from my friend Youri at Limini in Bradford and wondered if anyone on the forum would be interested. Hi, We have some exciting news for you that we would like to share. Limini Coffee has now been trading for just over 4 years and it has been a wonderful journey. We...
  8. Coffee Forum Homepage Articles
    You can view the page at
  9. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Hi guys, doe's anyone know of a good barista training course that's in the midlands? I live in Lincoln and don't really want to travel to London for a good course. Thanks in advance
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Hi everyone, I'd like to extend an invitation to come on down to a series of coffee events to be held at the Limini Coffee training centre in Doncaster. We're really keen to try and foster a barista community feel in the north of the country - many of us know each other and are able to meet...
  11. Introductions
    Hi all Just a quick note to mention that Absolute Coffee has been renamed to Limini Coffee. We are still the same people with the same coffee, just a new name. Cheers, Youri
1-11 of 11 Results