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  1. Deals
    Micro Casa Leva S1C is an espresso machine with lever offered by Elektra for several decades. I am selling my trusted Elektra after owning it for about two years. This beautiful lever machine produces amazing layered espressos and the steam wand is second to none. It has been just serviced...
  2. Coffee Accessories
    Spotted in a cafe in a ski resort in the French Alps. Now being used as a decoration. Edited to add photo....
  3. Gaggia Forum
    hi, if anyone needs any spares, e.g. seals, gaskets sight glass etc i have a number of spares for the g105-g106 lever machines which are ok for the la-pavoni lever machines. mark
  4. Coffee Beans
    I'm a lever nut. So when I found out that Londinium Espresso are now selling the famous Olympia Cremina in the UK, I thought I'd give them a shout. Reiss from Londinium was foolish enough to pop over and demonstrate one, during which he time he narrowly avoided poisoning from a rather unsubtle...
1-4 of 4 Results