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  1. Coffee Beans
    Ok so mostly I have been drinking supermarket beans, Lavazza, Costa, Illy etc and I know they are not great but the thing is they seem more drinkable to me than the beans I did try from a specialist roaster infact the beans were so disgusting they went in the bin after trying everything to dial...
  2. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    Hi So I have a delonghi EC820B espresso machine and some Lavazza beans, I grind the beans to fine as I understand this will give me a stronger flavour? I put it into the filter and compact it down, did read on the instructions the harder i compact it the stronger the taste, Is this true or not...
  3. Coffee Lounge
  4. Coffee Beans
    So, forgot my beans this morning for work, so had a nice choice, Some tin of something called instant coffee or some pre ground Lavazza. Chose the Lavazza as thought it had only been opned yesterday so might be ok, wrong! Used is in my V60, poured over the grounds, waiting for a nice bloom to...
  5. Coffee Beans
    I must be a philistine, just bought some lavazza espresso beans from Tesco (in desperation) and I don't mind them at all, not special but balanced, quite smooth and decent mouth feel. I usually order from Hasbean, but I've had a fair few beans from them that I disliked, nothing wrong with the...
1-5 of 5 Results