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  1. For Sale or Swap
    10 X Utopia Barista brand latte cups for sale. With matching saucers. All in perfect condition. Posted prices 1X £8.00 2x £13 3x £17.00 4x £21 Payment via PayPal. Thanks.
  2. Latte Art Challenge
    Please read Christmas Latte Art Competition rules here You don't need to pre-register. At 7.30pm a keyword will be uploaded on this thread. Write the keyword and your full forum membership name on a piece of paper and include it in the picture you upload on to this thread...
  3. Latte Art Challenge
    Please use this thread for discussion relating to this Christmas's latte art competition.
  4. Latte Art Challenge
    Coming shortly...... Lay in plenty of extra milk..... Start practising..... Watch this space
  5. New Members Section
    @MediumRoastSteamgot me thinking about my first proper machine and gave me a lot to ponder. I realised how much coffee really is a passion of mine, and I am prepared to spend double my original budget to get a machine that will last a long time! I have ordered a Niche Zero but it's not due...
  6. Milk techniques, troubleshooting & how to's
    Has anyone tried milk from The Estate Dairy? They were ostensibly set up to produce the best possible milk for coffee and focused originally on supplying cafes, but you can now get their milk - both whole and semi-skimmed - online. It seems to be a blend of 80% Jersey and 20% Holstein milk...
  7. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    How do you steam milk for a latte at home? Milk is an essential ingredient in the life of baristas. The result of a large number of recipes depends directly on how well this ingredient is treated. Today we are going to the most practical part, how to vaporize milk to get a perfect latte...
  8. Coffee Lounge
    Hello all! So, I'm off to Glastonbury on Saturday and my machine is going with me for the first time. It's going to be easiest to take UHT milk to use which I've not tried steaming before. After having a dig around the forum it seems to be entirely plausible, but I haven't got time to try...
  9. Coffee Lounge
    I'm a brewing kind of person and never got addicted to espresso. My wallet and SO has thanked me many times. Some time ago I thought everyone making espresso at home were mostly drinking the espresso clean without anything added. Then after joining some forums I realized many make lattes...
  10. Coffee Lounge
    Hi guys! I've seen images of these very specific style of coffee cups but I can't seem to find if they have a certain name or where to source them. I found this image of some on etsy but they are tiny for espresso whereas I am looking for a latte size. Thanks,
  11. Coffee Accessories
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a budget coffee machine setup for espresso and milk drinks, with somewhere around £250 - £350 to spend. I was thinking of a used Sage Barista Express, but I've heard the grinder can be affected by the heat of the cup warmer, which isn't great. I also like to experiment...
  12. Coffee Lounge
    I saw this video of ChrisBaca where he has gifted to him some really nice jugs. I have been using some Dailyart jugs for my milk and they are nice and did not cost much. I have a birthday coming up. I wondered if other people have tried more expensive jugs and if they make any difference at...
  13. New Members Section
    Basically I've been using a capsule system for years. Capsules we're fine for me but with guests it's definitely time for something new as those become rather expensive. I'm looking to change to a bean to cup system. I mainly drink latte or cappuccino so the focus should be more towards...
  14. Sold
    Hi all I have a handful of the old ACME style cups to move on. All in green. Demitasse cup (70ml) with saucer Flat white cup (150ml) with saucer Tulip cup (170ml) with saucer Latte cup (280ml) I would like £25 posted, or £22 collected from Kegworth (2 mins from junction 24 of the M1)...
  15. New Members Section
    Hi coffee lovers! I am caffeine Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time...
  16. Coffee Lounge
    Hi coffee drinkers! I am Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to...
  17. Barista Skills for the home enthusiast
    I've been practising for a good while though I only make maybe 1 or 2 lattes a week, sometimes less as I drink my coffee black. Here's tonight's, a simple heart. I have several pics on my tumblr of previous pours and some videos too.
  18. Coffee Lounge
    I see you can buy double wall espresso glasses and double wall latte glasses, do these keep your drinks warmer than regular glasses that have been pre-warmed? My espresso glass is only used to pull the shot, we are not drinking espresso at the moment, only latte's. I have a £1.50 standard...
  19. Latte Art Challenge
    Do forum members want one this year? Suggestions, ideas welcome. If there's enough interest I will organise it.
  20. Coffee Lounge
    Looks like there is a new coffee product/fad going on.. Goth latte, coffee with added active carbon..looks ok but how about the black teeth? Ok, being goth they probably don't smile much
1-20 of 58 Results