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  1. Coffee Lounge
    A good read for those with a coffee shop who purchase these things in bulk. I actually hadn't realised how much of a problem it was, makes me think I should be carting around my own cup for any trip to the coffee shop, same as you do a 'bag for life' The Guardian
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    We're giving away 2 Limited Edition Coffee Forums UK KeepCups To enter; Nominate a member who has helped you out over the past couple of months Please briefly describe why you have nominated that person. I will draw a winner (and may check on the likes tallies for each as well ) and...
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    We're excited to announce that we have commissioned a Limited Edition* Coffee Forums UK KeepCup The Coffee Forums UK KeepCups are 8oz in size and will be given away as prizes on the forum throughout the year A small number of Coffee Forums UK KeepCups are available to purchase for £11.00...
  4. Coffee Lounge
    My Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas to all Forum readers. So what did you get that was coffee related this year? My wife gave me (amongst many other things) a carefully researched recipe for a spiced coffee grog (spiced butter, cream and rum figure highly in it). But it came with a...
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    The winner of the new 4oz KeepCup is PaulN - with a correct answer of Red Paul, drop me a PM with your address and I'll get this in the post for you Thank you for all the entries received
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    Click here for full details on how to enter
  7. Coffee Business Owner Support Forum
    How do you react to clients who bring their own cups in to your cafe? Aimee Nathan, a Harrow local aims to introduce the trend to more and more cafe-goers. Check out her 'battle' here Do you offer a discount to those why bring their own coffee cup?
1-7 of 7 Results